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SoundMax HD Audio and Windows 7

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Hi. The generic drivers provided by Microsoft do not provide maximum functionality. The card does not support full duplex operation in Windows 7; meaning I cannot record the speaker audio, or what I hear coming out the computer.

Full duplex operation is available in XP, so I know the card is capable. The SoundMax webstie pointed me to my computer's manufacture for driver support; as they do not release drivers. I hope Dell will release a Windows 7 compatible driver. I understand Dell does not have too, however that would make me an unhappy customer.

So, this is my appeal. Please Dell, release a Windows 7 compatible driver. I have tried the Vista drivers, and no cigar.

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  • Tech0utsider,

    7 is not even out of beta yet. it will be awhile before we get validated 7 drivers.

  • First, I appreiciate your reply. I'll take that as yes, Dell will release 7-compatible drivers as it is made available to the general public, right?

  • If we sell a PC with Windows 7 and the SoundMax HD audio, then yes, we will produce drivers.

  • I'm in the same boat. I've tried installing Win7-64 Pro and Win7-32 Pro to both T3400 and T3500 Workstations. On every account, the Microsoft driver is installed and I can get audio through headphones, but not the internal system speaker. As a side note, the onboard audio works just fine on my D630 notebook with Win7-32 Pro.

    I think Dell had better step up there game... quick! I second your appeal!

  • I don't know about "Soundmax" but there have been a lot of problems with Sigmatel/IDT sound drivers from Microsoft on Dell integrated audio systems (and on all vendor's SigmaTel on one IDT version  that Microsoft released in their downloads - and one problem was identical to what you state that headphone works but not the rear speaker output).  It's best to use Dell supplied drivers for full functionality. I have seen a lot of posts from users that tried different vendor's drivers or generic "retail" drivers from IDT and none worked or worked correctly.  I can't speak directly for Dell but there will be drivers for some systems and no drivers for other systems.  Keep in mind Dell, like other PC vendors, is in the business of selling new PC's.  Most users, based on reports on this forum, of older systems that are not supported by Dell for Vista or Win 7 have installed new Sound Cards that are Vista/Win 7 compatible in order to have sound.

    One issue with drivers has to do with internal functionality of the sound chip.  On older systems there was no "automatic" detection of anything plugged into a port, such as the front panel headphone or mic, or one of the rear I/O connectors.  On new HD Audio systems there is automatic sensing (detection).  The new HD Audio drivers assume the automatic sensing is available and the drivers are set up for that.  If the new drivers are installed in an older system that does not support the new HD Audio standard there can be functionality issues in the I/O ports. 

    If Dell supports a device for Vista,  the Vista drivers should work as Windows 7 is basically Vista with modifications (and hopefully improvements).  If there is a Vista 32 bit version available from Dell that should work on Windows 7 32 bit.  Same way with the 64 bit.   The Dell Vista 32 bit SigmaTel drivers for my Dimension E510 worked perfectly with Win 7 RC1 32 bit.  I have a (retail) Intel motherboard in my home built system that has the SigmaTel audio.  The IDT HD Audio drivers (SigmaTel) that Intel has for this motherbaord are listed  for both Vista and Windows 7.

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  • I have a number of Ibm Z pro 9228 and they use pretty much the same audio chipset.  IBM is also balking at creating a driver.  I'm guessing there's something out there that might work.

    What I did do was install the windows xp drivers.  (on 1st install it said it didn't work and asked if I wanted to run it again with recommended settings and then it worked.)  But I do not feel XP drivers are what we should be using.


  • chipset is listed as "AC - 97 Audio, ADI1981HD via ESB2 / high definition" in the Xref. The complete document is available at the link below. From what I can find on the Intel support site, you are correct and it does not appear that there is a driver for this chip set.


    Xref - Page 95 contains the 9228

    Intel site:

  • <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>


    Got this from here: (I did not try yet)

    Also saw this:

    and this:

    You've got ADI SoundMAX High-Definition (hardware id HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_11D4&DEV_1981)


    Correct audio driver for Your model below:

    ADI SoundMAX High-Definition here



    pluse this one but it looked shady: (looks shady)


    If I find something that works I'll update this.


    Again I'm currently useing the Windows XP driver and audio is comming out... but I highly doubt this is the best way to go.

  • With all due respect I know from previous dell contacts  that I have been treated fairly but this issue of windows 7 and Soudmax full functionality forces me to either buy another pci sound card or change my computer all together,Windows 7 has been out for some time now  and I am sure You are aware of the fact that some of your customers may wish to upgrade system without buying a new desktop, I happen to be in that category, I have tried for many days to find soundmax windows 7 for dell with no luck, at this point as much as I love my Optiplex 755 I find myself wondering if I love the music adjustments better!!!.  A Note: not everybody uses the media player etc..



  • cancun14
    ... at this point as much as I love my Optiplex 755 I find myself wondering if I love the music adjustments better!!!.  A Note: not everybody uses the media player etc..

    Wouldn't it be cheaper and easier to add a discrete sound card like a Soundblaster?


  • First of all thank you for your reply! the answer is yes! absolutley!!!,  but the point is if I have so much invested in Dell products (18 computers 22 printers and other various switching gear) for a company that prides itself the best in the planet, at least they can produce full function sound software  for the product, It then becomes a matter of principal.


  • It's unlikely they'll release an updated driver. Your best bet is to find a driver for another mainboard and try and install it. I did that with an Asus board that unfortunately had Soundmax audio; it worked out well.


  • Thanks again for the lead,I will try with Asus, I will keep you informed.