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Choppy sound

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Hi, I just got a XPS 435 MT a couple of days ago with windows vista 64 bits, wireless, 7.1 integrated sound.  No matter which program I use to reproduce sound, even in games,  sound sounds choppy from time to time and some other moments it souns like waves. I have logitech 5.1 speakers and they were working pretty fine in my previous PC. I have been told it is a vista issue with sound but it is aweful for a brand new sysytem, The problem started as soon as I took the PC out of the box.

I tried changing the audio formats in the realtek HD audio manager but nothing happens.. the problem remains the same

Please advise



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  • It is not a Vista issue.  We have had reports of "choppy sound" on XP systems too for a long time.  It could be the sound drivers just need reinstalled or the sound module did not get initialized properly on the initial startup.  First thing, uninstall the sound in the Device Manager then restart Windows (Vista) and it will be reinstalled (refreshed).  This seems to fix a lot of different problems and may take care of the choppy sound.  The device manager can be accessed by holding the Windows key down and pressing the Pause/Break Key.  Device Manager can be accessed from the Task List in the upper left of the panel.

    Another thing is to disable (not use) any Sound Enhancements as this has caused many problems. 


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  • Hello Fireberd, thanks for getting back to me, I tried your suggestion, sound improved a little but it is still choppy (not as often as before) but still is not as it should be. I read that my wireless anthena might cause issues... Any other suggestion?


    Thanks a lot



  • I have the same problem on an XPS 1710 laptop the sound kinda ticks and makes a poping sound.  I have tried EVERYTHING to get it to work and nothing has fixed it.  so I thought it was a hardware problem so I picked up a Sound Blaster card and installed that.  STILL choppy!  installed the card on a non Dell laptop and its great!!  I have tried wiping the drive and insalling a fresh copy of Windows Vista (ultimate) no luck then I tried installing a fresh install with XP (it came with XP) still the same!  I now have Windows 7 on it and its a tad bit better but still very choppy.  I am sure dell has to be aware of this! 

  • Ok I got the sound fixed altho it is a temporary fix and dosnt work when playing a DVD if you have a CD in the drive the ticks and pops are GONE!!!  so I think there is some conflect with the cd drive and the sound!!  not sure why but it works!!!

  • Q4000, thanks for your comments. I will try the CD temp fix. I am shocked that a brand new, out of the box $2000+ PC would have such sound issues. My previous PC was put together by myself. it was a clone, I bought each part and put it together, I had a sound blaster 5.1 and since day 1 sound was marvelous, this is why I am now shocked!


  • it is strange!!  Dell use to have great products I think they have been lacking lately! my wife's Inspron 1721 does not have this problem but my XPS does. you would think with the XPS's being "top shelf" they could get the hardware conflicts taken care of before going to market with them.   initaly I was told BY DELL that the onboard sound card might have gone bad and to try a new one so I got the Creative Labs sound blaster card for it and SAME THING!  I just dont understand HOW OR WHY having a CD IN the cd drive makes a diffrence!!   hope you get it fixed too!!  I think this will be my last Dell XPS!!!

  • i suppose it's related to the sata drivers... see my posts on  e6400 issue (with solution)... try different storage controller drivers (even older)

  • yea I have tried that. still pops only thing I havnt done is downgrade the BIOS I started off with A03 and now have A07 and thats about the time that it started doing this! I think I am going to try pulling out my CD drive all together and just use my external drive.  see if that clears it up.