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Optiplex 745 Desktop - needs speakers?

  • I was under the impression that the Optiplex 745 might not require a set of speakers for the MOBO sound chip.  Is this true?
    The only way I can hear sound is either by connecting speakers to the back jack, or headphones to the front jack.
    I played with a GX520 (I believe) once and it had a built in speaker (no externals required).
  • When ordering a 740 series computer there is a $9 option to add an internal speaker.  your Opti must not have the internal speaker.
  • This is an Outlet box, so I didn't go through the component selection process.  I just did now and I see "Internal Dell Business Audio Speaker [add $9]".  My Optiplex must be speakerless.
    I see Dell sells these as refurbs:
    I'm snapping one up today.  Thanks!
  • I wonder why the site says "ships in 1 to 2 weeks"?  I hope there is an instruction set showing you where to plug in the speaker.
    Oh well, good luck!
  • Dang, so I purchased an internal speaker for my Optiplex 745 Desktop here:
    and I can't figure out how it mounts.  I believe I see a place where a speaker should go (behind the Intel and M$ stickers), but either I'm missing a bracket, or I have the wrong speaker.
    I can't find any pictures showing how the speaker mounts....does anybody have time to show the speaker of the Optiplex 745 Desktop?
  • I'm still trying to figure out how to mount the speaker Dell sent me, which looks like this:
    except mine has a 10 inch wire harness.
    After some Googling, this speaker, with its 4 tabs and snap-in lock:
    appears to be what I need.  However, Dell's description here:
    Doesn't include the Optiplex 745 Desktop in its list of compatible systems.
    Any advice?  Would somebody out there with an Optiplex 745 Desktop and internal speaker peak inside and tell me which speaker you have (first, second, or neither)?