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No 5.1 sound with STAC9220 on Dimension 5150


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No 5.1 sound with STAC9220 on Dimension 5150

  • Hi,
    when reading through the discussions it seems to me that there is a general lack of appropriate documentation for Dell's integrated audio, and unfortunately I seem to have the same problem (assuming that the HW is working).
    My brand new 5150 has integrated audio with DD 7.1 cabability (based on SigmaTel STAC 9220 onboard sound chip), that's what the shipping docs and XP system say consistently.
    I connected my (analog) 5.1 speaker system according to the user doc (Center/SW on yellow, Side on red or green, Front on black), but there is no sound at all (even a MP3 played with MediaPLayer is not audible).
    Dell diagnostics says all sound HW is ok (recorded voice is somewhat low in playback). All drivers seem to be ok (under system), no channel is muted, all seems to be ok.
    After disconnecting all speakers and reconnecting a stereo speaker to green output, I can hear MP3 sound.
    Does anybody know how a 5.1 speaker system or a 7.1 speaker system has to be connected to which outlet?
    Is there any SW setup support/test available which apparently is not part of my delivery?
    Thanks and best regards
  • Hi,

    By default, the sound card is set for 2.1 channel output. The other lines would have a check mark next to mute in the volume control. If not, check the volume control provided by the sound card (Another speaker icon in the system tray). If that does not help, check if you have the Creative Soundblaster MB software installed on the system (You would also see it on the order)



  • Thanks,

    there is no SB software on the PC. Is there a way to set the soundchip to 5.1 or 7.1?

    And which speaker would need to be connected to which output jack?



  • btw, which output do you plug your stereo into if you want the stereo to run the sound? I just want to hook my computer to my home stereo (if i can ever get it running).
  • Have you checked the 5.1 speakers option under (Control Panel) Audio Properties?
  • If you want to connect your stereo, use the green line-out plug. You will need matching connectors, probably cinch on your stereo's side
  • The 5.1 speaker option is checked under properties, but no sound audible.
    A simple pair of speakers is working when plugged into the green line-out plug (intependant of speaker properties)
  • Hi, i have the same problem as you, did you got any solution?

  • I did not find a solution to get my 5.1 speaker system working with my onboard sound (Sigmatel Stac). The spec says it can do up to 7.1 sound support, but I could not get it to work. Only simple stereo speakers are working.
    If you refer to Dell's documentation then you will see no clear description on how a 5.1 speaker system should be connected or how the SW should be set.
    My impression is that Dell is marketing "7.1 support" with their onboard sound but it is not possible to get it to work with the standard delivery coming with the system.
    Good luck and let me know, if you can get it to work with your 5.1 speaker system.
  • Let me know if I can help.

    I have an integrated Sigmatel card with 7.1 channel audio. Your computer is default to set 2.1 speakers. To activate it to 5.1 or 7.1, you have to do the following:

    1) First hook your speakers' jack to the corresponding colors at the back of your computer.

    2) Then go to control panel in classic view and double click on sounds and audio devices.

    3)On the following screen, the volume tab should be selected.

    4) At the bottom of the volume tab, there is speaker settings. Click on the advanced button.

    5) In the following screen, speaker setting pops up. Choose the one that fits your speakers. So for your case, you should choose 5.1. Then click ok.

    Good luck.
  • Front left & right = Green jack
    Rear left & right = Black jack
    Center & Subwoofer = Yellow jack
    I´ve tested this some minutes ago, working fine with WinDVD for a 5.1 show and QCD for a stereo mp3 file.
  • Thanks, I now have sound over all speakers (did not have that before). Apparently the sequence of connecting and sw setup  made the difference. if the SW is setup when speakers are disconnected, the it did not work. A little bit strange, anyway.
    I will also check, if 5.1 is working.
    have a nice evening