Need the WinXP Sound Blaster Live! 24-Bit Driver


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Need the WinXP Sound Blaster Live! 24-Bit Driver

  • We recieved our first OptiPlex GX280 yesterday, and in the process of building a new Ghost image, I discovered that there 1) Is no native driver in WinXP for SB Live! 24-Bit card included with the system, and 2) The driver is not listed on the Resource CD, the Downloads page for the GX280, or even on the Sound Blaster website.
    Help!! Where can I find a WinXP driver for this card?
  • Same problem here!  I can't find it anywhere!
  • I also need these drivers.
  • The Soundblaster Live from Dell is DELL OEM. Drivers from Creative Labs do not work with this card.   The following information was cut and pasted from The post below.

    This post is intended to reduce confusion regarding the Sound Blaster Live! sound card currently shipping within Dell systems. Please read this entire FAQ before contacting Customer Care or Technical Support.

    Q: Why does the 0203 designation appear on my invoice, and the card itself is stenciled and labeled 0200?

    A: The 3 at the end indicates a very minor electrical or driver change to the card and related software. The silk-screening and sticky label on the card are not changed at this revision level. This is not an indication that you have received a different or imitation sound card than was ordered.

    Q: Is the SB0200/0203 really a Creative card?

    A: Yes, this is a card manufactured by Creative; however, it is not sold in retail packaging, and is therefore unsupported by Creative.

    Q: Why doesn’t the Creative driver package support it?

    A: The Creative drivers are not designed to support this OEM version of the Sound Blaster Live!
    As noted by Dell Community Forum user pkeyrich, the Creative driver set works with the following chipsets: CT4670, CT4620, M002/M003, CT4780, CT1140, CT4830, CT4832, CT4870, CT4872, CT4831, CT4871, CT4760, CT4850, SB0060, SB0100, SB0102, SB0101, SB0103, SB0105, SB0221, SB0222.

    Q: What is OEM?

    A: A good definition can be found here via Webopedia. The practice of installing OEM devices within computer systems is an industry-wide practice, and not an attempt by Dell to deceive customers in any way.

    Q: What’s different about this SB0200 card than the CT series?

    A: The SB0200 uses the EMU10K1X software-accelerated Digital Signal Processor (DSP), whereas the CT series was based on the EMU10K1 hardware-accelerated DSP core. Audio performance may be affected by high loads on the processor more often than with the previous DSP. Also, this OEM version contains the front-panel headphone jack connector, as well as other features required by Dell for use within Dell systems.

    Q: If Creative doesn’t support it, why is it called Sound Blaster Live?

    A: The Sound Blaster Live! designation is due to the feature set of the card, which includes:

    EAX (software accelerated)
    5.1 analog channel output
    Digital output
    Q: Will there be any updated drivers provided by Dell for this card?

    A: I do not have that information at this time. For now, the drivers can be found on the Sound Blaster Live! disc included with your system.

    Q: This card doesn’t work, or doesn’t perform up to my expectations. Can I get a different card, or a better one?

    A: If you are having problems with your card, please ensure that all troubleshooting below has been performed first. If you are still dissatisfied with your audio solution, you may contact Customer Care within 30 days of your original invoice date for a credit return authorization of the card.

    Q: Why is the refund amount smaller than I expected and calculated it to be?

    A: This is still under investigation. However, it does appear that customers are receiving the appropriate credit for the sound card in question.



    If you are experiencing pops, clicks, or stutters within audio programs or games, please perform the following steps:

    Reinstall your Sound Blaster Live! audio drivers. The procedure for this can be found here.

    Ensure that the game or program you are using has the latest patches installed from the manufacturer, if available. Also, if you are using Windows XP, ensure that the game or program lists specific compatibility with Windows XP.

    Use the Microsoft System Configuration Utility to reduce the number of unnecessary programs running in the background. If there are programs running that are suspicious, or you are unsure of their usefulness, try running a spyware-detection software such as AdAware (please note that this software is not specifically recommended or sponsored by Dell in any way).

    Before running the game or program, temporarily disable any antivirus software that may be running in the background.

    If EAX is enabled within the game that is having a problem, try disabling EAX support within the game.

    If the game or program is still experiencing problems, try disabling hardware acceleration for your sound card as follows:

    Click Start | Control Panel | Sounds and Audio Devices.

    Click the Audio tab. Under the Sound Playback category, click the Advanced button.

    Click the Performance tab. Set Hardware Acceleration to None.

    Click OK, then click OK again, and restart the computer.

    Try the game or program again.

    An operating system reinstallation may help resolve the issue. This procedure varies depending on your hardware and software content. Ensure that any vital programs and data are backed up before attempting a reinstallation.
    I hope that this FAQ will assist in resolving the problems that you are having with your Sound Blaster Live! sound card.

    Report Unresolved Customer Service Issues here
    I do not work for Dell. I too am a user.
    The forum is primarily user to user, with Dell employees moderating.

  • Thank you for the post. I still need to find some drivers though.
  • Yeah, nice post and all, much appreciated for the information... But that still doesn't explain why we can't find the drivers anywhere online, even straight from Dell.  Any clues for us on that?
  • The drivers only come on a CD.
    You can remove the card.
    Toss into the waste bin.
    Then install a CMI8738 sound card.

    If you install XP and then SP2 it will discover the card automatically.

    Many can be had for $10 or so. They are dolby Labs certified, WHQL compatable etc.

    Retail packaged cards based on this chipset are $20 -$50 depending on what software like WINDVD is bundled with them.


    Report Unresolved Customer Service Issues here
    I do not work for Dell. I too am a user.
    The forum is primarily user to user, with Dell employees moderating.

  • Point taken.  I'll probably end up using the onboard audio then.
  • It states that the driver comes on a SB Live! CD with the computer?

    However, I never received this CD with our GX280 Systems, can someone extract it from the CD, archive it and put it somewhere we can get to it since dell doesn't seem to carry it anywhere?  Or at least mail it to me :smileyhappy:



  • The drivers are not a single file on the cd. Typical driver set is 60 megs or more.
    There is more than 1 version of the Live series as explained in the earlier post.

    The CT4810 version works with the Liveware 3.0 drivers from creative.

    You could try


    Report Unresolved Customer Service Issues here
    I do not work for Dell. I too am a user.
    The forum is primarily user to user, with Dell employees moderating.

  • I couldn't get those to work.

    I tried the (Dell) 5.1 drivers and the Generic Live as well as the 24bit and the

    CT4810 (Vibra 128?)

    I have the goofy SB0200 card, where even the driver off of the driver CD doesn't work.

  • Cheap CMedia 8738 based cards are only $9.

    If you install XP and SP2 when you reboot it just finds the card.

    Report Unresolved Customer Service Issues here
    I do not work for Dell. I too am a user.
    The forum is primarily user to user, with Dell employees moderating.


    Try This.

  • Did anyone get this file before it got nuked?  The filename at least *looks* like what we're looking for.  I've been unable to find a mirror for it anywhere.
  • Please send me a private message with your email address and I'll email it.  Someone needs to make this driver available.  I cannot handle the extra traffic on my server at the current time.  Yahoo nuked my breifcase way fast!  Sorry!