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Second Exchange Order Canceled...What Is Going On?`

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Second Exchange Order Canceled...What Is Going On?`

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I ordered a Dell Inspiron 7000 series gaming laptop roughly a month ago that arrived with a damaged touch pad (moves around in its slot in the chassis and makes a clicking noise even when I don't press down on it). I called support and tried to set up and exchange for a replacement because I didn't want to have to send a brand new laptop in for warranty repair and be without a computer for two weeks. A support rep set up an exchange order, but several days later I get an email saying the order was canceled. I called to figure out why and was told the laptop was out of stock (even though I could still order one from the Dell sales site). I called again later to set up an exchange to give some time for the laptop to be back in stock in case that really was the situation. This time, I spoke to a sales representative who assured me the laptop was in stock and that I should talk to customer support to set up an exchange. I then spoke to support who set up another exchange order for me. Last night, I received yet another email stating my order was canceled, now six days from the initiation of the second exchange.

What is going on here? I've spent a cumulative 4-5 hours on the phone with Dell's support trying to set up and exchange for a brand new laptop that arrived with a malfunctioning part. Both times I have tried, the order was canceled for seemingly no good reason. It shouldn't be this difficult to get the product I ordered and not damaged in any way. Can I please have some help with this issue from someone who can figure this out? I don't think I can stomach another hour or two on the phone with support who can never give me straight answers to my questions.

Thank you,


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  • Greetings Jonathan,

    I regret the overall experience. This is definitely not what Dell is known for. Please private message the order details and I'll be able to look up for the status. 

    You could send us a private message by hovering the mouse pointer over my username, and adding me as friend.

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  • Thank you for the reply, Sahana. I have sent you a friend request and included details of my issue.