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I called on JULY 21 for gift card consolidation. <Non-public info removed>  took over my case and told me to send him all of my purchased gift cards to him. However, after I sent him the email, I never heard from him again. 

Today (2 weeks after my last request), I need to buy a computer urgently, and I need to use my consolidated gift card. So I called again to check if you have finished my request as you promised you should finish this within 3 business days. 

Himanshu_Ajrawat <>  said he would definitely help me on this. He can finish this and give me a call. BUT, yeah, sure, not a call received on my side. 

I really hoped to use all of my gift cards for my new computer. Now I really suggest you to improve the quality of your customer service. It's awful right now, and harmful to your brand reputations. 

- An Angry and Disappointed Customer

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  • Greetings,

    Regret the overall experience. Please private message the gift card details and let me check for further options. 

    You could send us a private message by hovering the mouse pointer over my username, and adding me as friend.

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