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Waiting over A MONTH for a shipment.

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Waiting over A MONTH for a shipment.

  • Short story over a very long period of time:

    On June 23rd 2017 I ordered a graphics card from Dell.com. When I placed the order, chose the cheapest shipping, which said my package would arrive in 5-8 business days, which I cool with.

    About a week later, I checked online, and it said that the Estimated Delivery date was July 24th, A FULL MONTH and a day after I placed my order. 

    Now disclaimer, the item I bought was a very good price, and I wasn't in much of a hurry, and being a poor college student, I didn't care too much.

    It comes around to July 20th, and I check online again, and my package hasn't even shipped! So I thought this was getting a little outrageous... They couldn't even meet the date that was a full month after I ordered? So I contacted Dell.com about the issue and the representative said that the most they could offer was a $50 coupon. Why would I want that?? So I can wait 1/11th of a year for something to arrive again?? No thank you. It is now August 2, and it still has not shipped!

    I leave for college soon, never thought I would be worried about it being delivered before I left when I placed my order in JUNE.

    I'm going to cancel my order and just pay significantly more money somewhere else because at this point I don't think they're ever going to ship it.

    -A Lost Customer. 

  • Your card was probably back ordered which is why it was estimating the delivery so long.  If its a popular item, depending on their vendors, it could be sooner or later and the delivery time is just an estimate.