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Alienware Warranty Transfer

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Hey Guys! So I'm planning on buying an alienware laptop and had a bunch of questions regarding the warranty, as I'll be returning to India within the coming months. So I'm choosing between the 15R3 and the Alienware 15 4K on Amazon US, so afte contacting the dell website , they informed me that if I purchased from the site directly , I could pay an additional fee for premium support which provided international warranty, however I would have to privately contact the Amazon sellers and ask them whether they provide the same (I did , and they said it's valid only in the US). So I also checked the dell outlet store , and even though the laptops had the premium service included , the agents gave me varying answers , from it not being valid internationally at all, to only software support to everything included. Finally , I also checked some sources who said they could transfer the warranty to India , My question is can I transfer a US warranty to India ? The 15R3 is being sold in India right now (though the config I'm looking for isn't available ) and the older 15 4K model WAS being sold but now isn't due to the arrival of the newer generation . Any help is appreciated ! Thanks
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  • Hello!  So the rule of thumb is, if you buy direct from Dell you get the Dell warranty which starts after invoicing (shipping) to your location.  If you buy from Amazon, eBay, etc., you don't know if the computer is new, used, or how long its been sitting and Dell may only honor partial warranty or nothing at all especially if they are not a Dell Authorized Re-seller.  When you receive the unit, you will have to do a warranty transfer which can be found here.  This will transfer the warranty from the US to India. 

  • Greetings Varun,

    Thanks for reaching out. Yes, you will have to purchase the laptop with Premium/prosupport warranty to avail international warranty service. However, in case if it leads to part replacement in future, Dell India will be able to source the parts only if the model and the configuration if available in India. We recommend you to purchase the laptop via Dell as the premium/prosupport warranty services is available only with Dell and not with any retailers. 

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