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Worst ever buying experience

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Worst ever buying experience

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This is the worst customer experience i ever had.

I got my order confirmation within hours after i placed my order (July 16), and see the tracking status next day (July 17)

Unfortunately, the next day (July 18) I got a notification that the order was "refused by the recipient" which the recipient never received the goods, and called Fedex, said that the product called back the shipper. 

So, I called back Dell support (I did chat first and they asked me to call the verification department). I did call the verification department, and they said it all cleared (July 19). And I will received email shortly to confirm. However, I never received email on my account ask to confirm something.

July 20, I called back Dell to confirm my order status, and transferred directly to the voicemail box, get promised by the person to get a call back within 5 minutes. Which never happened.

July 21, I called again to Dell, and spend about an hour after several transfer, and get an email from Nivea_S_Charles that claimed my order was cancelled and need to be reinstated after i confirm via email, and i did send my email on the second i received the email. Then, I get transfer to customer care, and they even said my order was not cancelled and on going for delivery based on FEDEX tracking number.

However, I saw abnormality from Fedex tracking, since the product was not getting closer to the recipient address but getting far far away. So, I called Fedex this morning (July 24) and Fedex confirmed it was sending back to the shipper, they never received request to proceed with the delivery to the recipient.

So, I spent another hours to call DELL, and you know what?!? MY ORDER STILL PENDING FOR VERIFICATION!!!! And, everytime send to the verification department, it went straight to voice mail box. This is really upsetting me. 

I need to send the product to my friend in California that should be received the latest July 20, and till today it never happened. My credit card still being charged. THIS IS SCAM!!!

Now, what i expect that someone who can make a decision in DELL can work on this order and SEND THE PACKAGE TO BE ARRIVED before JULY 27th. Because my friend need that LAPTOP immediately.

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  • I purchase A LOT of stuff. Far more than most people, and I rarely trust Dell. I decided to try them again, another fail. I look forward to them going under. 

  • Greetings,

    I regret the overall experience. I'm afraid that I would be able to raise a request to reroute the package. However, I would be able to raise a request for replacement.  

    Please private message the order number, registered name on the account and your email address. I'll let you know further options. 

    You could send us a private message by hovering the mouse pointer over my username, and adding me as friend.

    Dell-Sahana R
    Social Media and Community Professional
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  • I don't need the product any longer. And, the funny thing is that the order said was delivered on my account. However, the Fedex tracking showed that the product sent to somewhere else at Tennessee. It shows that DELL never valued their customer and act very recklessly and unprofessional. I got promised to get a call within 24 - 48 hours since two days ago (July 24) arranged by social media team, which I really appreciated. However, that call never happened and I don't really care anyway.

    I have disputed my transaction with my bank and I won't ever buy anything from DELL. Shame on you DELL for not conducting a professional business and valued your customer.

  • I sent a private message to you few hours back. Hope you received it.

    But, here is my latest update:
    I will just give you an update on this. A supervisor named Karthick from the verification team just called me and offer me an apology. He will work on my account order status to show a correct status, which i never received the goods and cancel the order. He also offered an apology and willing to compensate with a gift card that will be delivered within several working days (I didn't hear it clearly, since not pretty much interested, and didn't want to put much hope on it). And, I relayed my concern since there was one of his team member named Ahmed, refer himself as a supervisor when I asked him to connect me to the manager or supervisor. He said Ahmed is just an agent and not a supervisor, and he promised to call him personally about this issue. If you need to cross check what I wrote here, just check all the recording from all the calls I made, including the claim from Ahmed that he is a supervisor.

    With this case happening, I am getting more sure that DELL doesn't have a professional team that can be trustworthy and value their customer. They think that the customer can be cheated, and they can cover their action with lies and hide behind the system. I believe this is a serious issue that DELL need to overcome it, even though I am just only a customer who might not affect anything about DELL performance in the market. But, I can assure you that if you keep running this kind of practice, it just a matter of time your customer will leave you behind.

  • Having a similar experience.  Don'y need to be a long time customer if you are spending three grand to say you should get the best of support and customer care.  Was bounced through 5 different sections of dell yesterday to figure out why my finance was approved but my order was on hold/cancelled.  Then told it wasnt financing that was at fault that customer care would be able to see me through.  I am not even sure if I signed on enough to get my product or if I am spending money or if it has been verified.  No one has any answers for me.  Not feeling I made a good choice when 7 different parts of the company couldn't give me a straight answer.  Feel like it is a pass around gig where you get what you get when they decide.  All I wanted to do was make a 3rd of the cost down payment.  Now I get a email with and account number that doesn't register when I look it up.  Goes great with the order number that isn't showing anything as well as the customer number that seems to be invalid.  I was originally gonna go with msi.  Never had this problem with newegg ncix or Canadian computers.  Wondering if I made a huge mistake.

  • You can try to post on DELL Facebook Page. Their social media team are more responsive and helpful rather than those who sit on the order support. Though not necessary they can solve the issue immediately.

  • Just a quick update since last communication with DELL Facebook team that promised me to keep updated on the progress for compensation (July 26):

    I posted this today (Aug 1) on DELL Facebook through direct message:

    Howdy! It has been few days since the last follow up. Is there anything new to update this case? Or it just another false promise from DELL?

  • Latest update that I got (Aug 2):

    "Hi Armanto,

    Good day to you!

    A quick follow up. We’ve gone ahead and raised a request for $100 coupon to compensate for the bad experience you’ve had. Once this is complete I’ll give you the details within 2 business days."


    My response:

    Dont bother with that. My bad experience, getting deceived by an agent who claimed to be supervisor, and time i have spent worth more than that. As expected, DELL didnt value their customer much. I wont call this even as a compensation. It is more like you try to buy my loyalty at a cheap price.


    DELL response:

    We understood your concern and have reached out internally to get this compensation of $100. I understand that amount is too less for a compensation for the inconvenience you have gone through. Also, I do not have an explanation for the entire experience. You are valuable to us as a customer and we definitely do not intent to pass on the blame. We understand that this experience has not been up to your expectation and that we're confident that a future service opportunity will restore your faith in Dell.


    So, at the end of the day, the 'compensation' that took almost a week to get an approval is even not worth for the time i have spent with the order support. Hope the management take a serious action to revamp their order support department, giving serious punishment to those agents who didn't value their customer and even lied about their status by claiming as supervisor. As for now, I am completely done with DELL and won't ever buy any DELL product.

  • I was in process of placing a $2000 order when the site would not accept my street name in the shipping and billing address. After talking with customer service for about an hour, I was told that the site was autocorrecting my street name. I was also assured that despite an incorrect street name I would receive the order with no problem. Customer service in India and the automated site know more about what street name needs to be on my deliveries than I do?

    I don't think so and refuse to have blind faith that it will be ok.

    I have placed my order for a Mac and had had no problems with Apple accepting my address. Dell has lost my business for ever.