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International Warranty Transfer

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I am planning to purchase XPS15 9560 from Unites States. However, I am in US just for 2 months and will be moving back to India.

Will I be eligible to transfer my device warranty to India as Dell currently sells only XPS13 in India.

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  • You can transfer a warranty only if the system model is sold in the market where you want to transfer to, and you purchase the system with an upgraded onsite service plan.

    If the XPS 15 isn't sold in India, it will need to be returned to the US if warranty repair is required.

  • Thanks for replying.

    But is the warranty model specific because Dell XPS 13 that is sold in India comes with the same configuration as that of XPS 15 except for the screen size. Moreover online sellers like Amazon are selling both (XPS & XPS 15) at nearly double the price and mentions India warranty but DELL has not yet listed XPS 15 in their India's official website.

  • "Same configuration" doesn't matter - the XPS 15 is a different model, and if it's not sold in India, there is no support for it there - and the warranty cannot be transferred.   If you buy that model and warranty support is required, it will need to be through Dell USA - and the system would need to be returned to the USA for warranty repair.