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Someone please help me! Laptop return issues!!

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Someone please help me! Laptop return issues!!

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I ordered an Inspiron 5000 yesterday morning for my daughter with 2 day shipping for college. She needs this by Thursday when she leaves. I didn't know what I was looking at when I ordered it, and placed the order for Inspiron 5000 8gb ram. She notifies me that she needs at least a 16gb ram in order for it to be fast enough to handle her workload. Within 1 hour after ordering online I called Dell CS to exchange my order for the larger system and they said they were unable to change it because it shipped already, and I kept asking for my shipping tracking info and no one could give it to me (because this was untrue) As I was notified last night that FEDEX picked it up at 5:24pm. So there was actually a 6 hour window in which to change my order, but no one did, why??  After numerous calls (about 4 hours worth) to Dell CS dept and asking to speak with managers who were always "in meetings" and each time each rep telling me that they apologize for their shipping time mistake, they each say they will contact FEDEX and have it stopped in transit and sent back to them. As of this morning I called FEDEX myself and still no one contacted them from Dell, and each new rep I speak with each tells me that they are initiating the refund auth. But each one has no record of a previous auth, and I get no email confirmation. Can someone please help me? I need to get her a 16gb laptop within 2 days but I can't afford to put both on my card. Can someone please re-route the laptop back to Dell so that I can get a refund sooner? Now at this point I don't think there is a way to get the 16gb system in time from, so I'm probably going to have to drive out to a bestbuy and hope they have the same deal. IF I get a refund in time otherwise shes leaving without a laptop..which is not an option.. I'm begging for help here. Can someone please help me!!!

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  • Greetings,

    We regret the inconvenience. As per the details shared, the order might have been processed to the testing stage (final stage of production) by the time you reached out to us. Once the order is processed to the final stage there is no way we can cancel the order. However, we will be able to raise a refund request once the order is shipped out of Dell. But, please note that the refund process will be initiated only once the order reaches Dell.

     I would suggest you to place the order again on Dell website and I'll raise a refund request and will follow up on the case until the amount is credited to your account. 

    Please private message the order number, registered name on the account and your email address for further assistance. 

    You could send us a private message by hovering the mouse pointer over my username, and adding me as friend.

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  • This is what I am trying to make Dell understand.. I CANNOT place another order until the money for the laptop (that is NOW in your possession) is credited back to my card. So now Dell has my money AND the computer. And here i sit, waiting to order the one I need..but can't. The computer I need costs double and until Dell refunds my card, there won't be enough $$ in my account to cover the cost of the other one..