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dell xps 15 small black spot on screen ?

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dell xps 15 small black spot on screen ?

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I am having an issue with the display of my dell XPS 15. There is a small black spot on the display screen and it stays there continuously.

So is it a dead pixel or what ?

I took a screen shot of the screen then the image did not show the black dot so i am confused that if it is a dead pixel then it should also appear in the screenshot.

I also tried rubbing the black spot with a cotton cloth but it does not get removed.

Please guide me to any solution.

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  • We can't tell without seeing the damage -- but screen faults are not repairable short of having the display panel replaced.

    If it is a defective pixel, and the system is under warranty, here are the guidelines under which replacement is or is not possible under warranty.

  • I read your link in which i found that replacement is possible only if 6 or more dark sub-pixel are present so is my case considered since my laptop only has one dark dot..

    My laptop is under warranty.