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Purchasing for a tax-exempt organization

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Purchasing for a tax-exempt organization

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We need parts/supplies for our Dell color laser printer, but I'm unable to purchase them online because we're tax-exempt. When I get to the checkout window, I'm told that I'll have to complete the order by phone.

I've tried doing that, twice, with no success. First of all, the phone number provided doesn't send me directly to sales. Then, once I get to sales, I discover that help is only available during "normal" business hours. When I call back the next morning, I have to provide my name, organization's name, and address to no less than three different operators - and none of them offers to help me complete my online purchase! I'm having to place a completely new order! That, and it's fairly obvious that none of the 4-5 people I've spoken to is a native English speaker.

I've never had trouble ordering anything from Dell before. Is this a new, ongoing policy? Has Dell moved overseas? Should I just take my business elsewhere?

I thank any and all respondents in advance for your help.

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  • You need to have a tax-exempt status tied to your customer number.


  • We do! We've placed several orders from Dell over the years, and we've never run into this problem.

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    Sorry to hear this. In order to receive tax-exempt status, you must have a tax certificate on file for the customer number under which you placed your order. For this reason, you must be logged into MyAccount that has a valid tax certificate on file when you check-out. If you checked out as a Guest, created a new MyAccount, or changed your billing address during your transaction, you will not receive tax-exempt status. In those instances, we ask that you fax your tax certificate, customer number and order number to our Tax Department at 1-800-433-9023 for a refund.

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