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Dell Inspiron 24-7459 all in one desktop

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Dell Inspiron 24-7459 all in one desktop

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I'm from Indonesia. I have really disapointed with my Dell. I think My Dell is a failed product. Let's me to tell u.

I bought a new Dell Inspiron 24-7459 ( with tag code JP41B02 ) on April 30, 2015. On May 15, 2015; my Dell is already damage. I believe, Dell is a good product. So, even expensive I still bought.

I bought Dell Insprion 24-7459 with highest spec. Core-I7 6th generation, 4Gb Video RAM, 16 Gb DDR4 RAM, 32 Gb SSD, 1 Tb Hd, Windows 10 64 bit. But the truth is, they run very slow.

I already tired to make a complaint with Dell Indonesia ( report number 929887719 ). They already came 2 times. Everytime they came, take around 7 hours to fix it and to re install Windows 10. They already change a mainboard with a new one. But a problem still same. Until I very tired, so I accept; though not as I expected.
My computer very slow, just like use core2duo. I already used UPS. I afraid when electrical turn off, my computer still on; can make windows damage. Although I do not believe it. Because I have many computer, and not like this Dell.

Today, My dell have a problem again. When I boot, first time have a Dell logo. Have a word 'computer trying to fix hardisk ( when dell technicians came before, they already change with a new one ). So I wait, until 1 hours.

Then My dell normal go to Windows. But now, everytime I turn on my computer; I must wait around 15 minutes to go to windows.

Tell me what I should do with computers like this?
Angry??? Certainly. But very important is, I very dissapointed with Dell.

Please, everyone at Dell give me a best solution. Although the final solution is I must throw away this Dell.

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  • Hi aryanto,

    Thanks for posting in the USA Forum.

    I apologize, but we only have limited access to accounts outside the US, so you will have to contact customer care in your country for assistance with this.  According to the terms of the warranty contract in the US, we will continue to repair the computer during the warranty period and if the technicians determine that it is unable to be repaired, they may offer a refurbished exchange.  I do not know what the warranty contracts in Indonesia say, so you will need to consult with them to determine what your options are.

    If you need additional assistance you can escalate to the Unresolved Issues department. Hopefully they can resolve this amicably for you. 


  • Hii Robert,

    Thank's for your your fast response.

    Before I decided to write down my complaint to this this forum, I know someone at center of Dell will answer my complaint like this. It's means I already tried hard to complaint to Dell customer at Indonesia.

    And until now, they can not solve that problem. They only said to me, all of Dell with windows 10 like that. Slow.... What kind of answer like that. 

    I have Lenovo laptop with Windows 10 64 bit, that's really fast.

    I bought that model, because I see spec for that model is really good. And I use that computer for autocad software. Now, I can not install my Autocad. Because I'm afraid, my Dell will broken again. then Dell will change my mainboard again. Who will be responsible for replacing my Autocad software? This software really expensive.

    I already talk to them too, I want they change My Dell with a new one same model or not same model, I don't care. They said, 'Dell can't do like that, but Dell will repair until non-warranty'.

    Oh my God,  so I must wait 1 year and then My Dell can't use.

    I don't know what the best soluton for my problem. But I really want Dell have a responsible to change with a normal computer. Although, that computer will cheaper than mine. But Dell Indonesia, can't do it. I will wait 1 year, after that if still useless; I throw away my dell infront Dell office at Indonesia. I will really angry.

    But Robert, Thank you for listening to my complaints and gave me a solution. But, I already dissapointed with My Dell and your technical support at Indonesia.

    I know Dell technicians will come back again to my office, they will try to fix it. But I think, they will can't to fix that. Because I think problem not at mainboard. But problem at your firmware and windows 10. How can with that computer spesification need 3 hours only for install windows 10? So at my first email, I said this is failed product.

    Regards, Aryanto

  • Hi Aryanto,

    Thanks for your response.

    A replacement mainboard would have no effect whatsoever on your autocad software, so there's no problem there. 

    If you have all your data backed up, then if there were a hard drive replacement, you could restore your autocad software with the backups you made.  Again, it's not Dell's responsibility to back up your programs.  Besides, you would still have the same autocad software issue, even if you changed to a different computer.

    It appears you have been working to get this resolved in your country, hopefully they can assist you further.  Thanks.


  • I also have the same model computer which I bought in the UK.  Yes it is slow, but my problem is I have had to reload the operating system 3 times in the first six months.  The support have helped me do this but they blame the Operating System, Windows 10 and say it is Microsoft's problem.   I bought an expensive system from Dell that is not fit for purpose and they say it is not their fault.  Not what I expected from Dell

  • Hii Robert,

    Thank's for your advice. But Dell Indonesia can't solve this problem. They only said to me 'if I have problem, plesae contact them'. But they already know, I always have a problem with this computer. I really boring.

    I don' t know to solve this problem. But Dell must be a shame to producing computer like this.

    Regards, Aryanto

  • Yeah, I already talked to Dell Indonesia, this computer is a failed product;  why they sell this product? Maybe this product will be good until next firmware update. But problem, is when???

  • I purchased a Inspiron  7459 all in one computer.  The PC only lasted 14 months before the mother board gave out.  I contacted warranty support and was immediately told that my warranty had expired three weeks ago and they could not help me.  I was transferred to another department and I was told that the motherboard was likely bad.  They offer to send someone to the house to look at it for $349.00.  At the time that I purchased the PC, I also purchased to HP laptops.  I have not had any issues with the laptops even though I used them more than I did the all in one.  I am not going to pay $349.00 to have someone look at the PC.  I am not buying anymore Dell products.  I can pay $350.00 more and get a new HP all in one that is comparable or better than the Dell.  Please send me an address so I can ship you the PC back for recycling.



  • I bought a Dell Inspiron 24-7459 in Mexico City last November. In December, It had a failure. It did not start. I thought it was the AC Adapter. However, the next day worked until July 17 when it failed again. Every time I turned on the computer it starts and then it turned off in seconds.

    I took the AIO to a Dell Support Service provider. 

    I realized there that I am not the one one with the same issue. It seems that the motherboard overheats and turn off the system. I will have to wait 30 days to get an answer.

    How can a Dell Computer fail in 2017? How can I have to wait 30 days to get an answer? For the size of Dell as an enterprise they should bring me a new AIO in 24 hours. I can not stop working 30 days.

    I see here complaints in Indonesia, UK and now Mexico. There is no doubt, Dell has an issue with this failed model.

    Please Dell representative, scale this issue to your highest level. You can not afford to loose a client who will pass this issue. I will never recommend to buy a Dell computer because it is fake.

    There is no doubt that you an issue with the motherboard. Recall the model and change it!!!!