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import/export/shipping issue

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import/export/shipping issue

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Recently, one of my client purchased a Dell Precision T3610 from US and sent it to me in India via FedEx. 

Now, I have to submit the following two documents to FedEx  in order process the shipment for clearance with the customs

1)     Authority Letter.

2)     NOC from BIS  i.e Bureau of Indian standard .

I already have Authority letter. All I need is 2) NOC from BIS  i.e Bureau of Indian standard.

FedEx informed me to collect this NOC from manufacturer which is DELL US. I spoke to one of the Dell's representative from US and they advised me to send an email at  WW Export Compliance ( which I never get response. 

Am I the only one experiencing such issue? 

If anyone know the procedure of obtaining this NOC (No Objection Certificate) of the purchased computer system, please help me out or I won't be able to receive the package.



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  • Hi,

    Please try emailing

    They take care of trade issues within Asia Pacific & Japan.

    Best regards,


  • Thanks for the response. This is really annoying. I just want a written confirmation from the company that the computer we purchased from DELL has no objection or illegal stuff. If I'm not able to submit this document (NOC) in few days then the Custom will hold the item forever. It will be a big lost of $4049.37. If anyone in this community find suitable answer, please help us out. 

  • Did you speak with Dell INDIA? to know if that model is certified by BIS?

    I am also in the same boat for samsung TV , I sent to my brother in india. No response from Samsung.  Please update if you have any update

  • I received the BIS certificate for the product from DELL's Regulatory Compliance department.

    I've submitted the cert. to fedex and now I'm waiting for the custom clearance.

    I may or may not receive the package because I don't know what custom will ask me next.

    The same certificate provided by DELL can also be found on google :

    I believe you will be able to find the BIS cert. for your samsung TV from google if you know the product ID like mine is DEL1500824 for my Dell Workstation T3610

    I suggest you to contact sumsung and ask for BIS extension for your sumsung TV model.

    Hope this helps.