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Order Delayed ... and Delayed ... and Delayed...

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Order Delayed ... and Delayed ... and Delayed...

  • My original post, posted as a reply in the "Late Delivery and No Contact from Dell?" thread on 8 Jan 2013 11:03 AM, still has not received any response from Dell Customer Service.  So, I'm creating this new thread, and hopefully I will get some attention. (Funny, though, that an Admin can delete my order numbers from the post but not actually respond to it).

    I have been a long-time customer of Dell's and have been quite pleased with the quality of product and service that we have received over the years.  For Christmas, I bought my wife and I new computers:  er an Inspiron 17, me an Alienware Aurora R4.  The order for both of these computers were entered on Dell.com on 8 December.  We received the laptop with no issues, even ahead of schedule, and we are pleased with it.  My Alienware was scheduled to deliver on 26 December.

    The order was changed on 14 December, due to an issue with the configuration, and the delivery date was changed to 2 January.  No problem, I thought, and thanks for the heads-up.

    Well, January 2 came and went, the delivery date was changed to 4 January.  4 January came and went, and the delivery date was changed to 11 January.

    So I called Oder Support on 4 January to find out why the date kept changing.  The support person I talked to ( Carolina Marroquin de Rivas ) informed me that the part number for the Dual Nvidia GTX660 was entered in incorrectly (320-9526) when the order was changed, and was not the correct part number.  So she cancelled the second order, re-entered the order for a third time with the same part number for the video card that was on the original order (320-9382), and now I have an estimated delivery date of 21 January.  Carolina was very professional during this entire phone call.

    But now I'm worried that I'll never get my computer, because my order status (no matter what the number) has always shown "In Production" but it obviously is not, otherwise I would have the computer by now.

    I had an on-line chat with Sunny_Kohli on 10 January; I wanted to find out if my computer has actually been started to be built yet.  Again, she was very professional, but was not able to provide any details for me.  Later that day, I received a call from Dipan, a case manager with Order Support, telling me the same thing:  my order is In Production, with an estimated delivery date of 21 January.  I kept asking him if my computer has started to be built yet, and he could not answer me.  Again, he was very professional, but I'm at the point where "In Production" is no longer a satisfactory status for me.

    For my complete satisfaction, I would like to know the following:

         - Why was my first order changed?

         - Why did it take a phone call from me to Order Support on January 4 to find an error in my second order?

         - Since my second order was changed to the exact same as my first order, which was changed on 14 December, how can I expect that it's correct now?

         - What is the acutal status of my computer?  As I mentioned above, "In Production" is no longer good enough.  Is it half-way built?  Is it undergoing testing?  Is it waiting on a part?  What is the chance that I will get this thing on 21 January?

    Your attention to this matter, and answers to my questions, are greatly appreciated.


  • Mr. Cheese,

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    * Send your issues to our primary Customer Care/Order Support Liaison, DELL-Lorna M
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  • I ordered the exact cpu and vid card with the very same expected shipment date and the very same delay dates until just last week my order was completely cancelled by dell due to an illegal order configuration.  I find this quite humorous since I configured it online using the options given to me.  What i dont find humorous is the complete and utter lack of phone support.  No one could tell me why the report was cancelled...and when they finally did I got 3 different answers from 3 different people.  1st was illegal configuration, 2nd was product is out of stock, 3rd said part was discontinued but they could order the part and it would take another month to get my cpu.  After all that they cancelled my order.


    I used online support and got a substantial discount on a new and even better rig with parts that were promised to be in stock.  The online support was top notch, I only had to chat with one rep and he helped me out big time. Phone support may as well not even exist for anything beyond a status update (which may or may not even be correct)...

  • I agree that it's strange to have configuration issues with a "stock" computer that is available right off the website, with no changes to the hardware.

    It's also frustrating that they cannot hit the estimated delivery date.  I understand it's an "estimate".  But as every day passes, these estimates just get more and more wrong.  Why can't Dell just come clean, say what the issue is, and give us a realistic delivery date?

    And I also agree with you on the (lack of) phone support.  Every time I call, I immediately get a response of "your order is In Production, estimated delivery date XXX, everything looks fine".  Except it's not fine because the way I see it, this computer is almost a full month late.  I cannot get any details on the ACTUAL STATUS of my computer, which will go a long way to answering the questions in my first post above.

    Here's hoping the customer support people from this forum can help out.  Otherwise, Dell will have lost a customer.

  • So my order has been delayed.  Again.  Now an "estimated delivery date" of 25 January.

    And I've still not received any response on this forum board or my private message to Lorna.  Thanks for absolutely NO SUPPORT for my issue, Dell.

    Over a month after my first order and still no computer, and still no idea when I might acutally get it.

    You've made the decision easy.

    I'm going to cancel my order and never do business with you again.

    And I'm going to tell everyone I know to do the same.

    Have a nice day.

  • I ordered an Inspiron 15z touch on the 10th of January and it was supposed to ship on the 15th.  I received a message saying it was delayed, to be delivered on the 23rd.  I spoke with Customer service and they said it was just updated again, to ship on the 25th which would mean I'd receive around the 29th as I paid for two day shipping.  The rep I spoke with said they are having supply issues at the manufacturing facility.


    This system probably isn't going to ship for a long time.  They also will not let you cancel an order while it is in the production phase.  The rep said that they can reroute the shipment once it leaves the manufacturing facility back to Dell whenever it is shipped and waive the restocking fee.  What's sad though is that some of us paid with our own money instead of using the Dell Preferred Credit program.  Luckily (?) I used their in house credit to order so I'm not out money while waiting for the system.


    What sucks though is that I think I'm going to have to make payments on a system I will have yet to receive.  Seems kind of messed up, doesn't it.


    There should be some sort of compensation for having to deal with these delays.  I could have just gone to our local Fry's and bought the same system from them and had it the same day.