I have a 3 month old Inspiron 13 7000 7378. The sd card reader use to have a clicking sound when to pushed a sd card in and to remove the card was easy. something happen to it and my sd card goes in so deep that it is very hard to remove it. The reader will read a card , but as i mentioned it is very difficult to remove the card. Dell teck people tell me to send the computer in and that it will take 2 weeks to return it.What I want to do is replace it myself(just a few screws and it's done)but no one can give me a Dell part # so i can't order it. The repair center is in Texas, but I can't get to talk with anyone  there..just the people overseas and they can't help me. If there is a person out there that can give me a part# I'll just buy it and that will be easiest for me.