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Dell RedHat Openstack - Is anyone using this?

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Dell RedHat Openstack - Is anyone using this?

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I want Dell to design and deploy an openstack for me on premesis at a client site. 

Traditionally I have built and deployed my own clouds using VMware clusters, M1000e chassis and Equallogics SAN.  This solution works well, but does not scale.  I literally cannot find enough people with the experience out there to support such a beast.  A guy has to know ESX, EQL, 2 types of switch interconnects, and be able to diagnose both hardware and software failures across all of those platforms.  Currently I am the only one who can support this, and I have to sleep sometimes.

To this end I have engaged some DELL people to come up with a solution for me.  I want a deployable solution that will allow me to use Terraform to build my data warehouse/app server farm.  I don't want to have to think about hardware at all anymore.  I want Dell to Design a deployable cabinet full of everything I am going to need: PDU, switches, storage, compute and network.  My hope is Dell can drop it into the clients data center fully cables and ready to power up.  

Has anyone done this with Dell? 

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  • Anybody at all.

  • Apparently not.  That means my next step will be to post what I find out in this thread.  So far the Dell RedHat team hat not been forthcoming with any meeting requests.  I am using my usual channel partner, but maybe Dell just isn't committed to this product line.  Meanwhile HP Helion has scheduled a weekly call with me, and taken my team to lunch.  Dell is really falling behind in this arena I think.

  • There are Dell partners and Dell teams available for cloud deployments. Mavenspire (my company) has been one of the partners involved in Dell's efforts for some number of years (for the east coast). Redhat and Dell work hand in hand to ensure that pre-engineered designs are validated to take some of the heavy lifting off of the client.

    I am sorry you have had trouble finding a resource - if you get me your contact information we can determine if its something I can help you with - or I can hook you up with the DellEMC team that handles it.

  • Thank you Michael.  I am looking for a technical partner that will remove all of the heavy lifting, and the support.  I will explain.