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I have 126 Gig of data stored on the cloud through Dell Backup and Recovery software.  My computer crashed and I needed to get a new hard drive.  With the new hard drive up and running, I have loaded the Dell Backup and Recovery software to get access to my cloud-stored files.  Neither version 1.7 nor 1.8 works.  In version 1.7, I can see my folders from the cloud, but when I go to retrieve them, nothing happens.  In version 1.8, it doesn't even show my folders at all.  I just want to get my data back, and I have called repeatedly and there's no support for this.  Where is my data?  I need to have some way to get it back.  It's definitely there - my account shows 126 Gig of storage used.  Please help.

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  • Are you sure you backed up 126 GB data correctly? I had the same problem last time but when i refreshed the account i found out data upload did not take place at all.

  • I had the same problem last time !

    Thanks Ryan for your advice.

  • isso já aconteceu comigo,  mais isso tem jeito sim. eu fiz  liguei no 0800 da dell e eles me deu todo suporte. 

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