Dell Recovery & Backup Manager windows 7 Dell Prog Used 3 dvd's but recovery action & only used 1; lost all backup and personal files?  Help.  I did a system restore, removing my personal files by accident  (thinking question referred to "USER" files, not personal folders on my C:/!!!!_.  It only used the first disk I made from Dell's recovery and backup.  I still have 2 more dvd's that were unused that may have all my personal "Backup" files.  Is there anyway I can generate these files onto new profile?  I had a corruption, super-imposing a blue clock on many of my files and tried alot of fixes yesterday;  Should have hit "NO" when asked by dell to write over "personal files" - - - I want to recover all my backuped up files on the last 2 dvd's into anywhere, or this new profile, but Dell software doesn't offer option.