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Try to connect to Cloud, Program unable to connect to server.

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Try to connect to Cloud, Program unable to connect to server.

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Hello Everyone,
                             I have been using the latest version of Dell Backup and Recovery. My computer is Win 8.1 64 bit Pro with Media Center. I start the program, and try to connect to the cloud and the program  crashes. I uninstalled the program and reinstalled it. No more crashes but the program can not connect to the server. I have nothing blocking the program but its very frustrating. Any suggestions or ideas. Please advise.

Thank you.

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  • Tried to uninstall and reinstall again when a new version came out. I was going through the first steps and when the program tried to connect to the cloud, it crashed again. This was the message received. Can someone help with some suggestions?

    Thank  you

  • Hi,


    Thanks for the post! Sounds like this could be a problem with the programs installation on your system as the issues is changing from installation to reinstallation.  I would suggest, if you did not already, Uninstalling the Dell Backup and Recovery software from the system completely, restarting, then installing again from scratch, in the hopes to prevent any duplication / corruption from the currently installed files.


    If you have already tried this, have you been able to confirm your account is still active? Support should be able to assist in making sure your subscription to the premium cloud service has not expired  US +1-866-522-6855 & International +1-312-922-8693.


    Should the problem contiunue, try rolling back to the previous version of the software,  Version linked below

    For more comprehensive guides and installation troubleshooting see and


    Let us know how it goes,

  • Hello Shawn,
                              I removed the DBR program and tried the latest version released on May 8. When I tried to back up my files on a external drive that ran with no problem. When I tried to connect to the cloud to save the data files the program crashed several times. After each crash I would reboot and try again with the same results. I removed the program and installed version and had no problems at all. I was able to make backups and be able to connect and back up data to my cloud account. So with the earlier version no problem.

    Now after having version  installed, I had a screen pop up informing me that a update to the program was available. I downloaded the update and it was installed and the computer rebooted. When I tried to connect to the cloud again the program crashed again and I was stuck to the same issue. So I removed the program again reinstalled version And again it is running with no problems and when I see the screen advising me a update is available I close it.

    If this may help, I have all my security update installed via windows update and all drivers are up to date. I do not know why this program keeps crashing each time I try to connect to the cloud but I hope these issues will be resolved with a future update. I am running Win 8.1 64 bit with 8G Ram Any other suggestions or ideas are appreciated.

    Thank you