I have found that the Dell Management Portal is hindered by the non-compliant status of thin clients. The problem that my organization has with it, is that the thin clients become non-compliant after a certain amount of days of not logging in but they don't become compliant again when people log in again. After a thin client becomes non-compliant we have to restart them again and it's a hassle. I know that we can remotely restart them but it still gives us a bad idea of which thin clients aren't working.

When we log into the cloud client manager we should see that some thin clients are non-compliant and know that we have to go trouble-shoot them. If 100 thin clients are non-compliant because we just had a break at school and students aren't logging in for a period of time, and they don't become compliant again when students come back, then which thin clients need troubleshooting?

Maybe this is a feature that I am unaware of, but if it's not a feature it should be. If a thin client goes non-compliant after a certain amount of time of not being logged into or restarted, it should become compliant again the next time it checks in.

If this is the wrong place to be posting this, please let me know where I can ask about this or who to email.