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Cloud Backup account stuck in "needs activation", Support cannot help

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Cloud Backup account stuck in "needs activation", Support cannot help

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So, I finally succumbed to the endless popup ads on my Dell XPS One trying to get me to sign up for online backups. I upgraded the Dell Backup to the Professional Version. The thing is completely stupid in it doesn't tell you what it's going to backup or how much it thinks it's going to need, so the thing backed up several VXD drives from my Hyper-V machines (which Microsoft in their infinite wisdom stuffs under Public\Documents).   Of course backing up an 80GB Virtual Drive with the rest of my machine exceeds 80GB of purchased cloud storage. I quickly reconfigured the thing to not back up that directory, but my account remains shut off. The only option they provide is to "buy more storage". I don't need more storage. I don't even need the extra 60GB they sold me the first time before I realized what was going on. I've been going round and round with Dell Customer support for the past two days with no success. The guy I've got has no clue how the cloud storage works and even after poking at my system using GoToAssist for a while concedes that there's no place to type in the "ACTIVATION KEY" he insists CLEVERBRIDGE sends out (which they don't really).

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  • Despite me showing the tech support guy with the GoToAssist that the problem is not the "activation of the dell backup and recovery Premium feature" but rather the account on the cloud, I again succumbed to letting them poke at a stick.   It took 45 minutes to watch them uninstall the program, reinstall it, reauthorize it, yada yada, and I'm back to exactly where I was when I started.    It still won't access the cloud storage.    I can neither back things up nor access the stuff I've already stored there. 

    I've called Cleverbridge and told them I'm charging back my American Express card for this service that is not rendered.   Hopefully they can light a fire under Dell (though I suspect Dell's just going to continue to stick their head in the sand).

    Anybody got a recommendation for an online backup system that works?   How's Cobomite?

  • Further despite specific assurances that they were not going to trash them, after the "update" my existing backups (even the ones on the local USB attached drive) are no longer accessible.

    Give the fact that DELL specifically put a hard drive with a known mechanical defect that they wont adress in the system and that they're trashed my backups, this is unconscionable behavior.    I've gone out and procured another backup solution since DELL obviously has no clue as to how their B&R and Cloud stuff works.