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Dell Backup and Recovery - Cloud Backup - No activation e-mail

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Dell Backup and Recovery - Cloud Backup - No activation e-mail

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I purchased 10 GB cloud storage for Cloud backup, however I never received my activation e-mail from so I cannot activate or use my cloud account.  I have checked my junk and spam folders.

Not sure if that is a monitored e-mail address, so just wondering who I should contact for assistance? I am in the Republic of Ireland.



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  • I have the exact same problem

    Support email doesn't work either

    Looked in trash, nothing there, no second email to activate the cloud storage.

    No help topics on this either

  • Thanks for the feedback.  I raised a support ticket with Dell and they are still working on the issue (it has been open for about 2 weeks now).  I'll post here as soon as I get a resolution.



  • Right now i am using CloudBacko software for back up and recovery of the data. Its too easy to use and no installation required. You can start backing up right away after logging in with your favourite social media account. For more information visit to...

  • I haven't found anyway to submit a support issue on the cloud services.   The usual Dell Customer support people don't seem to have a clue as to how this works.    I over ran my storage limit (because it backed up a VXD drive because the user interface is so horrendous).   I removed the unneeded file and got back below the limit but my account has been turned off for a month and there's no apparent way to get it turned back on.   Even Kumar the support guy spent twenty minutes poking at my machine via GoToAssist and couldn't figure out what to do.

    I see that escallation doesn't work, I'm going to call American Express and protest all the charges.   I won't get my machine backed up but at least I'll get the $85 bucks back.

  • My experience has been similar. Dell Support eventually admitted defeat and said they could not fix my problem (activate my cloud account).  I worked with Paypal and successfully got a refund.  Agree with your observation that Dell Support cannot deal effectively with issues related to their cloud service offerings.

  • I called CLEVERBRIDGE and apparently the problem is far too common, they gladly refunded my purchase.   It took less time for that then it does to get Tech Support to call back.

    Cleverbridge's customer support number is


  • I had the exact same problem today. Purchased the 20 gig option. No activation possible. No explanation from Dell or from Cleverbridge.

  • Kumar is an idiot.  I'm not sure it was him I talked to, but it was an Indian who I was transferred to.  First, an Indian woman answered my call, I told her that the Cloud Backup didn't work, and she transferred me to the "expert".  That was the Indian guy, maybe Kumar.  I let him connect to my machine and he just clicked on different settings, mostly kept checking to see what files I was backing up.  It was obvious he did not know what he was doing.  Finally he said he would transfer me to (another) expert, and my call was cut off.  Obviously hung up on me.  I have had backup running for 3 days, and have less than a gig to backup and it says 1% complete.  I wish I had not purchased the cloud.  I need to somehow make sure it does not auto-renew.