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How to recover what's in Cloud

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How to recover what's in Cloud

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Hi there,

My few-months-old Inspiron 15z ultrabook laptop w/Windows 8 died - i.e. won't turn on and no lights come on when charging - just completely pooped out. Was working perfectly fine the night before. So after talking to Dell & Costco (where I bought), I have to send back the laptop to get fixed.

I don't remember whether I've backed up my hard drive to the cloud and I want to check.

How do I check (on another computer which does not have Windows 8) what I have in the Cloud?

I can not find any post about this or instructions.

Can someone help me out with this?

The Dell & Costco Reps also suggested that I go somewhere for a tech to take out my hard drive from the laptop and get it backed up, but I don't know if that would also void my current warranty.



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  • You should connect to onedrive official website, in there you will sign in your cloud account

  • Thanks a lot for your answer.
    I had the same problem

  • Thanks a lot..I read fo ryour all solution..My projects area part clear..