This is 2 weeks into an incredibly long and frustration experience with the Dell C6145

Shipped from Dell the unit has BIOS 2.6 and BMC 1.04

Out of the box, that version/combination the BIOS/BMC could not read the fan speeds, thus no monitoring or throttling, and the fans were running full blast at 100% and would literally blow your hair back if you stood in front of machine.

The first day it literally took 30 mins just to find the "trick" to initially get into the BIOS screen.


The Dell logo shows, message "F2 for setup, F11 for boot order" - hitting either of those did nothing at this point

LSI Bios takes over and diag msg on screen

LSI finishes, BRIEFLY screen reverts to Dell logo .... you now have a 3-4 sec window to hit F2 or F11 and they would work as intended.

Frustrating, but moved on

Now, after applying all the listed updates, the machine can properly see and regulate its own fans (something you would assume the shipped configuration would be standard, how is that passing QA?)

BUT, the "trick" to access BIOS no longer works

Hitting F2 / F11 at Dell screen does nothing

Goes to LSI screen, then after immediately moves onto a BMC diag msg (never going back to Dell screen)