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Dell CS24-SC Drivers

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About to purchase a Dell CS24-SC of ebay, where can I find the drivers for it?

Processor(s):Two Quad-Core Intel Xeon L5420 2.5GHz 12MB L2 Cache 1333Mhz FSB LGA775

Motherboard:Dell Model S45 based on Intel 5100/ICH9R chipset with ASPEED AST2000 on-board graphics

Memory:24GB  PC2-5300P Registered
Hard Drive(s): One 250GB SATA Drive
CD/DVD:NoFloppy: No

NIC(s):Two Gigabit Ethernet Ports, one dedicated Gigabit port for baseboard management controller

Operating System:None

Power Supply: Single 400W

Form Factor:1U Rackmount

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  • Hmm ... you sure it is a genuine Dell? :)  I've never heard of it.  It looks like one of their "cloud" servers - the C1100, but ... diffferent.  There are no manuals, no downloads, no information at all in Dell's sites ... about the only results are eBay results.  I wonder if they were a special make-up for some company ... although they don't usually carry the name "Dell" when they do that.

    Does it have a Service Tag?

  • Pretty sure is a dell and for what I understand it was some special make up for a company.

  • I would say then that the best place to look for drivers would probably be and  Or the PowerEdge T300/R300 use the Intel 5100 chipset too, and it appears as though most of the "cloud" servers use ASTxxxx for onboard graphics.

  • Hopefully it works, just planning on installing Vmware Esxi on it

  • Did it work for you? I am about to buy a similar model. I can't find it on the Dell website also.

  • "I can't find it on the Dell website also"

    This is not an actual "Dell" server.  It was a special make-up for one customer, so Dell provides NO support on these whatsoever, including documentation and drivers.

  • I ended up getting a good deal on  a pe2850

  • Thanks for the response. I ended up buying the server and it worked fine out of the box. No dual power supplies though.

  • What operating system are you running on your cs24-sc? I'm hoping to run VMware ESXi 5 out of the box.



  • Sorry to Necropost, but these have recently come up in bulk on EBay.

    After purchasing, and configuring one I'd like to help any future viewer of this thread.

    The drivers for the controller. (

    For whatever reason my HDD wasn't recognized in the bios or controller configuration on the first couple of boots and I wound up clearing the config to fact default.

    Successfully installed and have ran a Radeon 7750 with a x16 riser (

    Successfully installed and configured Windows Server 2008 R2.

    Also, despite information to the contrary, the 1 pcie x16 bus is operating at pcie v1.1 x16 speed clocking communication between my GPU and CPU @ 3.5GB/s.

    If anyone sees this and happens to have a list of the mobo led codes (there are 8 leds in a row next to the button battery on the mb) please post them.

  • Sentientatom, I to purchased CS24-SC, but I have not been able to get my CS24-SC to recognize the Windows 2008 R2 drivers for the LSI SAS1064I. I did find the same links on the LSI website. I would like to discuss with you how you got your box to recognize the LSI controller to continue with the install. I've reset the LSI controller to fact defaults.
  • Driver vs:

    I can help as best as capable. 

  • Reset to fact defaults, assure drives are being recognized by the controller during boot. (I first booted off a live OS, so just verifying. Yes w7 & ws2k8R2 can be made live.) Then once I had confirmed both, and had no raid configuration assigned since I was using two 1TB drives only, during install I located the controller drivers.But I cannot imagine this would have any impact whether done pre/post install. Try booting with f8 and disable driver signing then manually selecting the correct drivers from device manager. Also upload a shot of what your controller shows as "generic/unknown?". Good Luck!

  • Just chiming in here. I just purchased and received one of these badboys. I'll be anxious to jump in on the fun with you gents :) 

    I have not much to contribute on this post, but I'm beginning my research and will be contributing my findings here. Here is a link to a previous build of mine, to give you gents an idea of the shape of things to come.

    I'm giddy, excited. :) SentientAtom, I have purchased a riser card, just like the one you linked to. I have just been granted a Microsoft DreamSpark so I am considering using Microsoft Server 2008 R2 :)

  • I wanted to chime in and cross link a few threads with some info I thought might help people. This thread seems "related" in a "set of four". I am going to post this same post on all four in an effort to help folks...

    There are a ton of the C1100/CS-24's out there on eBay right now, and I am yet another on of the people who just couldn't say no and got one to user as a Hyper-V 2012 box (the no UI version). It just seems like about the best deal going to add some raw horsepower to your existing virtual environment (which I have at home because I am a geek and just enjoy this stuff...)

    What thee threads seemed to my saying to me (IMHO) is that there seems to be some differences in the machines out there, and that all C1100/CS24's were not created equal. What I decided was going to be my personal indicator of "the good ones versus the risky ones" was would they take the most current (at the time of this post) C1100 bios from the Dell site (B23) and BMC firmware (1.82). I contacted a couple of the sellers on eBay to see if anyone knew about this, and (NO, I DON'T WORK FOR THESE GUYS!) I ended up talking with Peter Neiman from one of his eBay listings. Hopefully the moderator doesn't chip that link, because the guy earned the right to be specifically mentioned in my mind. He pulled one of the servers I was looking at and updated it to the most recent version to make sure it would work. Needless to say, not having to risk spending another couple hundred bucks to replace a board that fails to update as some people are seeing is worth a ton, so I bought mine from him. Again, I don't work for these guys, and I'm not saying you have to buy from them, but whoever you buy from, it might be worth asking about BIOS and F/W before you buy. That's my $0.02.

    Hope I helped someone,