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DELL-Chris M biography

The XPS line of PCs has evolved through several generations as seen below. Each generation has tried to build on the other ones to stay abreast of the latest technology.

XPS Gen 1
XPS Gen 2
XPS Gen 3
XPS Gen 4
XPS Gen 5
XPS 200
XPS 210 
XPS 400
XPS 410
XPS 420 
XPS 430
XPS 600
XPS 630
XPS 700
XPS 710
XPS 710 H2C
XPS 720
XPS 720 H2C
XPS 730
XPS 730x
Studio XPS 435MT
XPS One A2420

XPS M140
XPS M170
XPS M1710
XPS M1210
XPS M2010
XPS Gen 2
XPS M1330

XPS M1530
XPS M1730

DELL-Chris M
PCs - XPS 730X, XPS 730, XPS 630, XPS Generation 1
Monitors - 2407WFP, E248WFP, 2208WFP, SE198WFP, SE198WFP

  • Not up to date - - - many current models missing.