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    XPS 600--how to know if we have a motherboard failure  

    20 Feb 2009 09:16AM

    XPS 600 computer was fine until the day the error message said "NTLDR missing

    local support suggested we needed new hard drive

    got a Western Digital, no luck installing.  WD support said we had to "update motherboard drivers for it to work...[now that's a dilemma]

    Paid Dell support and went though troubleshooting.  

    1]said the motherboard was bad,  [Dell support says the motherboard is bad, they don't have one in stock, but if they did would be $700]

    2] OS reinstallation disk, never used, is not seen in computer, nor in our backup computer--must have bad cd. but  that we were entitled to one free OS CD, gave us website to order.

    We ordered  the OS cd then Dell replied we have to buy new one, if they even have one.

    We then ran diagnostics.  The "confidence test" on both Sata drives were left unchecked.

    We will greatly appreciate any help or suggestions!!!  Thanks for your valuable time in advance.

  • Dell XPS

    Have you received an answer to your problem yet?  I'm sorry for such a lengthy delay, I've been sick lately and haven't been online.

    If I can help you please let me know but I have a funny hunch your motherboard is NOT defective or has failed.  The error message your report signifies a corrupt hard drive that IS fixable.

    Let me know,

    Jim G.