XPS 15 (L502x) - Windows 8 - Monitor is Fuzzy

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XPS 15 (L502x) - Windows 8 - Monitor is Fuzzy

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I just upgraded to Windows 8 and it went much smoother than expected.  The one remaining big issue is that the laptop monitor is noticeably fuzzy (text and images).  My two external monitors look great. 

Has anyone else had this issue?  I upgraded the NVIDIA drivers (but I think they just control one of the external monitors) and the Intel HD Graphics drivers have a later date than the Win 8 drivers available on the Intel web site.

The only thing that looks odd is that "Generic PNP Monitors" is the driver that is displayed in the Device Manager.  I can't remember if there was a more specific driver for my dell laptop monitor before I upgraded.


I would hate to rollback just because of this.  Help!



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