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cannot find touch pad sensitivity for Dell xps L702x

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cannot find touch pad sensitivity for Dell xps L702x

  • Windows 7 Professional sp1

    64 bit OS

    2.00 GHz

    8.00 GB (RAM)

    when typing, the cursor skips around, significant loss of productivity! 

    -thanks in advance for your help-

  • ME TOO!!!! Also its unbelievably difficult to scroll with the double finger swipe! NOT HAPPY!! ;o(


  • Wash your hands.  Excess oil, grease, dust or dirt can impact use of the capacitive touch pad.   Turn off your laptop and use a soft cloth to clean the touch pad.  The touch pad uses changes in capacitance to move the cursor around.   You don't want ahything other than your fingers to change the capacitance as you move around the touch pad.

    Be sure you have the latest BIOS installed.  There is no sensitivity setting or adjustment for the Synaptics Touch pad input device.

    Go to Start/Dell Support Center.  Click on Detailed System Information.  Scroll down to Input Devices.  Click Run Test under "Mouse - Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad".   If any of the tests Fail, there should be additional information.  You can go to Synaptics website to learn more about the touch pad operation as Dell tells you nothing.  Do not use a more recent Driver from Synaptics as Dell modifies it for the laptop.

    Reinstall the Synaptics Touch Pad driver.  Go to Support.Dell.Com, Driver Downloads, choose your operating system, and download the Synaptics Driver (under Input) to your Desktop.  Follow the instructions for the driver installation.

    If it is still not functioning to you satisfaction, that may be the way it is and there is a learning curve when using it.  Baring that, if your system is in warranty, contact Dell via the Dell chat.  Best way as the tech can take control of your PC if necessary to help solve problems.  The touch pad may need replacing if none of the above helps.

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