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Problem with X¨PS M2010 keyboard, lights keep flashing and keyboard is locked

  • My system (XPS M2010) was in stand by mode and when I tried to log on, lights started flashing non stop on my keyboard.  I have tried turning the system off, taking out the battery and turning the system back on, but the problem continues each time I try to log on.
    Is there a quick fix?

    Message Edited by Lex0777 on 02-12-2007 06:43 AM
  • I think its a problem with the bluetooth drivers , Please reinstall the drivers and reset the blue tooth connections.
    Awaiting reply.
  • The flashing lights on the key board are an indication that it has LOST CONNECTION.
    Use the Dell Remote as a mouse and double click the Blue tooth connection and remove the mouse and K-B then use the add connection to add them back.  I would add the KB First as you can then use the tp to connect the mouse and the Mouse code is 0000 
    Have fun.