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Dell xps L502X started overheating.

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i got my dell xps L502x since one was running without any issues.but suddenly while playing FiFa 12 and any other games...the game run properly for fist 3-4 mins but then it stutters and becomes dead slow.

Also i noticed the fan doesnt run at full speed due to which the system overheats badly.i ran furmark tests..but after running about 5 mins.. GPU temp reached above 100 degree celcius and the laptop switched off.

i am currently out of warranty.Can u suggest me ways to solve my problem.

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  • NINAD1989

    Here is a basic troubleshooting guild for overheating systems.

    I suggest cleaning the cooling vents and see if that helps

    1. Check the vents on the computer to see if they are covered with dust and not allowing heat and air to pass through.
    2. Turn off the System
    3. Unplug the AC Adapter
    4. Remove the Battery
    5. Use Compressed Air to blow the dust out of the vents.

    You should also check the system BIOS and the system should have at least A06, A12 is the latest BIOS.

    I also suggest running diagnostics just to make sure that there isn't something wrong with the system BIOS.  For more on diagnostics please check out the following link

    If everything else passes out alright you can try disabling turbo boost and see if that helps.

    Click start, control panel, power options, click change plan settings. Click advanced power settings and under processor power management set on battery and plugged in to 99 percent.  That should disable turbo boost and if there is a overheating issue that should keep the processor cool enough to run the games at a little decrease in processing speed.




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  • hi terry, Thanks for the reply. I have tried all the above steps, updating bios, Cleaning vents, changing settings. but to no avail. the processor still runs hot. i also observed the the fan speed does not go up during overheating.when i checked it using a software it shows about 1000 rpm and 0 rpm (even though the fan is running). so is my fan or heat sink at fault?
  • i have the exact same problem too


    If there is a defect with the fan or heat sink the diagnostics should be able to detect if and give some type of error.  If you have not tried diagnostics I certainly suggest that you do so.  Actually one thing to try is to use the system normally and the next time you notice poor system performance shut the system down and start diagnostics immediately.  If it is a heating issue you will want the system running hot while testing.

    Other than that it looks like you have tried everything,  if you wish shoot me a private message with the service tag of the notebook.  I have to warn you, any possible service options will be limited if the notebook is out of warranty.



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  • Just an FYI,in case Terry is unable to help as hes limited to Dells warranty period,hes a great rep either way.

    I just would add my personal experience with xps15 and alienware etc,actually all sandy bridge chips that run hot,if all is up to date,BIOS,drivers etc,I have done what is called a repaste of the cpu and gpu and had great results that now I do a repaste even on new pcs. Over time the paste or thermal pads take alot of heat and therefore cake up or sometimes disappear.

    I would only suggest to someone who can tear down a laptop,and  make sure that TB and dell will allow that if needed. I fixed so many overheating XPS and Alienwares and step by step instructions are on Dell and all over the web.

    My overclocked pc runs cooler then my brothers stock exact same laptops!

    Just an idea that is a great help,and also clean the vents obviously for obstruction or dust debris etc.Also the mesh on the l502x is very restrictive on the bottom heat vents,taking the mesh off usualy drops temps alot as it increases airflow internaly. Again all these tips are common and based on all other factors tried and failed and Terry & Dell's new bios recommendation done before.

    Just a suggestion,as I said Terry B is the best rep I have ever dealt with.Good Luck,& hope all works out!

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