Help! Resetting XPS M140 to factory settings

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Help! Resetting XPS M140 to factory settings

  • i just got my xps M140 yesterday. for some reason it takes ages to start and when i check on the icons on the desktop nothing opens up. then when i try to shutdown it keeps saying the i need to end applications.... it takes ages and nothing seems to work.
    do you think i can just reset to the factory settings? if so, how can i do so?
  • If it boots
    Click Start
    All Programs
    System Tools
    and click System Restore.

    Click restore from an earlier date, pick the date of the calendar when your system worked fine, and click.

    The system will take sometime to write files and shut down, and the reboot will be slow, but when it comes up it will be back to the factory settings. Remember to pick the date when you first got the system.
  • An even better option is PC Restore to do it Press Ctrl and keep tapping on F11 when you start up the system. You will be given the prompt to Restore or Reboot. Chose Restore and you will be able to restore it to factory defaults. The step mentioned in the previous reply helps only helps if  you have not had the system from a long time.

    Doing a PC Restore will cause you to lose all data/Applications on the system since the system was purchased.

    All Programs loaded from the factory will be available.

    How Do I Use the Dellâ„¢ PC Restore by Symantec Utility?


    Message Edited by George Richards on 03-11-2006 07:12 PM

  • Hi , when you mean all programs will be installed like it was from factory that even includes Sonic software ?  im just asking because i noticed somewhere on the dell site it said sonic back up cds you have to get from Dell...
    Im just asking because i messed up my sonic when trying to remove some of it and now i want it back so i was going to preform a restore.. since i only have it 2 days i dont have much to loose ...
    xps m140
  • THANK YOU GEORGE RICHARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Big Smile