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M140 Express Card Slot--Useless

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M140 Express Card Slot--Useless

  • Anyone know if anyone has or is developing an air card to be used with Verison? 
    Dell has certainly disappointed their loyal customers.  Prior to ordering my M140 I contacted Dell via their chat line.  On two occassions, on separate days, I inquired if my Sierra Wireless PCMCIA air card, that was currently being used in my Inspiron 7500, would work in the M140.  On both occassions the answer was YES.  I definitely saved their reply.
    Dell's "Express Card slot is useless.  Expecially since no one makes anything for it.  I spoke with customer support and their solution was to purchase an adaptor somewhere.  HELLO.......No adaptor exists.  Dell support also useless.
    As of now the M140 is useless to me.  Unless anyone can help with a solution soon, it's going back and Dell will no longer fill our offices.
  • Hate to break it to you, but you may as well return the notebook. Express Cards are a brand new thing and not Dell-specific. I'm surprised that it was actually even on a production machine already. The availability of cards for use in that slot will depend on the manufacturers of add-on products.

    I am surprised that the Dell support people didn't know the difference between a PC Card slot and an Express Card slot.

    The most you could probably do that doesn't involve returning the notebook is to call Verizon and ask them if they are going to release any Express Card products soon.
  • I took your suggestion and called Dell for a RMA return number.  I received two numbers.  One for the laptop and another for the "Free" Dell Ditty MP3 player (Had no use for it anyway).  I was told to go to a UPS store, give them the RMA numbers and they will print out address labels for each box.  Sound Easy?  It was not.  The first UPS store I went to I waited in line for forty monutes.  The one and only person there did not know what I was talking about.  She made a telephone call and I spoke to a UPS representative.  I was told that the store I was currently at was not set up to print the labels.  Drove to another UPS store in another town.  A very helpful clerk, Jeff, was able to print out a label for the MP3 but not for the laptop.  Jeff spent the next thirty one minutes trying to get through to Dell while I was trying on my cell phone.  After listening to several boring instructions and pushing numerous numbers I was put on perpetual hold.  Not getting anywhere with Dell customer "dis-service",  he manually printed an address label.  After paying for the shipping (for Dell's misrepresentation of their product) I finally spoke to a lady who confirmed the address we had already put on the box. 

    Dell needs to wake up.  I've already ordered another model Dell (Inspiron 6000) but if I would have known I would have had all these problems returning the worthless XPS D140, I would have switched to another brand.


  • The support after the sale seems to be poor no matter where you buy from. Your UPS Store issues sound about like my hour and eleven minute hold time just to ask a warranty question yesterday. Spectacular.
  • I've had an experience with Dell/UPS too. Dell kept giving me some number that I could supposedly give to UPS for them to generate labels. It was totally bogus-not UPSs fault at all, Dell just didn't know what they were talking about. Eventually had to just find the address and send it back through UPS myself. The person at UPS said they had dealt with the same thing earlier in the week with someone returning something to Dell.
  • This Express PC Slot is a joke, when I was surfing the Dell site for a new laptop system I contacted online help before my purchase and asked if my Verizon Wireless Aircard (Type II) would work with this system, and the person said YES !! Well here it is Christmas Day 2005 and I'm dead in the water for Monday morning work to use my M140 for business with my Verizon Card. Verizon has no Express Slot Aircard, Dell had no answer to my problem, and surfing the web for adapters etc... has not helped yet either. I plan to return this NEW useless laptop, and re-order a unit that will accept my Type II Verizon Card.  Merry Christmas All !!!  Steve
  • I sent my useless M140 back to Dell for a credit and ordered the Inspiron 6000.  It works fine with my Verison Air Card.
  • Well, I certainly can't say that the switch from PC Card to Express Card is being executed very logically. Dell probably got some kind of perk to put the Express Card slots on systems without an older PC Card slot on the same machine. I wonder if someone will come up with PC Card-to-USB accessories? Even on desktop systems, USB2 and PCI Express are a fairly transparent changeover. :Shrug:
  • I am having the same exact problem with my new Inspiron B130. My fiance wanted the laptop for the road & wanted to use Verizon's air card also.  Did you have an easy time returning it and order the new computer? Do you know if they give you the option of returning for a full refund?
  • The shipping nightmare with UPS (No their fault) led me to believe Dell customer service don't know what their talking about.  Dell gave me a refund less the cost of shipping.  It also cost me another $22.58 to ship the useless M140 back to them.  I did receive a credit on my credit card in a timely manner.  The only thing Dell has done right regarding the D140.   I reordered/received the Inspiron 6000 and it has worked flawlessly with the Sierra Wireless air card.  Good Luck.
  • For all those with the problem of purchasing a notebook with only the ExpressCard slot you can solve this by purchasing a USB to PCMCIA type 2 adapter. I will post the site at the end of my post. Only thing I can tell you is to try and get some kind of refund from Dell for not placing the fact of only having the Express card in plain site. I mean why else would you buy a laptop unless you plan on taking it with you and using the internet on the road. Well anyway the thing cost $192.00 plus tax and shipping so I would push for atleast a $250.00 rebate if possible. Now here is the site.



    Hope this helps everyone that had the same problem as me.

  • I just went through this myself when trying to sign up for Verizon Wireless.  Verizon tells me they're testing the new ExpressCard now and it should be available for us soon.  (When is "soon"?) I agree that Dell should have forewarned us...
  • So people complain when something becomes old and they have to buy something newer to replace it, but also complain when they buy something new and have to replace something old to make it work.

    Dell is pushing a format that is proven to be faster and more reliable than than it's predecessor, PCMCIA. It doesn't hurt to wait a little bit for innovation to completely take hold of the market. Sprint offers an ExpressCard that connects to their Wireless Anywhere service, Verizon is in the last stages of testing theirs. A little patience never hurt anyone. A little education never hurt either. It is always upon the responsibility of the buyer to ask any question that comes to mind and also do the research on the computer they are about to buy. People spend more time and research in buying a TV that isn't a necessity but don't do the research on their new computer and make sure it will do everything they expect it to do.

    Dell has a "Tech Specs" page for a reason. They won't give you a refund because you didn't happen to do the research.

    This system uses an ExpressCard Slot which does not support any cards available for PC Card
    BulletExpress Card slot
    BulletWarm-swap Capable

    And if that isn't enough, if you look at the 3-D view it clearly labels it as an ExpressCard slot.


    Just my rant. Sorry if it comes across as rude. I sympathize with Dell as I'm a customer service manager and it is incredibly frustrating to put information on a website and have the buyer blame you because they didn't read the whole thing.

  • I ordered the M140 on yesterday.  Based on the information I gathered from CNET, Consumer Reports, Computer Shopper, etc., it was my first choice based on my requirements (i6000 a close second and I kept flip/flopping back & forth), but the ExpressCard issue was a big issue.  We have the D800 Latitude here in the office and it seems to be about the same size/weight as the Inspiron 6000 which seems awfully large and heavy to me.   At the moment I can't think of anything I'd need the card slot for other than broadband access which I don't plan to get for at least a year so I am very hopeful that the compatibility will be ironed out by then.  My M140 has wireless and bluetooth.  I purchased it from the outlet as a refurb.  Can anyone tell me of any other uses I would need the card slot for other than broadband?
  • Elan Digital Systems has two USB-to-PCMCIA adapters that work with broadband/AirCard/PC-cellular/PC-modem cards.

    Which USB-to-PCMCIA adapter you need depends on whether you have a 16 or 32-bit PCMCIA modem card. To see the difference, go to:


    If your PCMCIA modem card is 16-bit, you can purchase the U111 for $130 at:


    Delivery is 2-3 weeks (est).

    If your PCMCIA modem is 32-bit, you can purchase the U132 for $192 at:


    Due to the huge shortage caused by Dell's removal of the PCMCIA slot from their Inspiron XPS laptops, the factory (Elan) has pushed out delivery to their distys. We will not be receiving the first batch until the last week of March. We are shipping out the U132 in the strict order in which pre-orders have been received on our website. Your credit card will not be charged until it ships. You may monitor the latest known shipping status at the same link/location.

    Because of the above situation, a current order of the U132 will most likely ship to you in 3 months.