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Alienware Aurora R4 Fan issues. (Please Help)

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Alienware Aurora R4 Fan issues. (Please Help)

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So, I've had my Alienware desktop for about under a week, and have just stumbled upon a serious issue. Last night as of posting this my computer was running fine. I had shut it off properly and whatnot and then this happens. I try to turn it on the next day and when it powers on the fans go really loud. Insanely loud. I checked the PCI RPM's on the fan using CC and they were up in the 4000's. I read up on this and seen a lot of similar problems resulting from a functioning water cooler clogging up. I assumed it was this but I only had the PC little under a week and I know people with Aurora's who've had it way longer and encountered little to no problems like this. Please help with some feedback, it would be appreciated.

Possibly Important Things To Note: 

- I've played on the computer a lot in the short time I've had it

- When I got it, it didn't initially come with CC as I didn't put the Resource Disc in

- I mostly play WoW (Not sure if this can be a result from this)

- Light settings never come one on start-up anymore, have to manually turn them on.

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  • Hi!

    Try the troubleshooting steps on this article and let me know if the issue persists. Make sure you install the latest Command Center from the Dell Support website. 

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  • Alienware-Naomi

    The exact same thing happened to me when I was using my R4 Aurora ATX.  I  wish for the life of me I could remember the fix because it was simple.   I remember who helped me and although he is no longer with Dell I am still friends with him.  I'll see him online on Facebook and ask him what we did.  I'm pretty sure he was the tech that helped me, either way he should know.  He did AW phone tech support out of So. America for several years, smart guy.



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