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Lap Desk for 17.3" Alienware R5?

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Lap Desk for 17.3" Alienware R5?

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Hey guys and gals,

I've recently bought an Alienware R5 17.3" laptop and I'm struggling to find an appropriately sized lap desk/tray that will keep the laptop cool, keep my crown jewels cool, and give me enough room to use a mouse on the same tray/desk.

It has to be a lap desk/tray unfortunately, I have a long suffering fiancée who has refused to let me have a proper desk, hence the need for a laptop and not a desktop!

All suggestions welcome, but preferably those available in the UK and not too expensive (around £20...)



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  • My wife bought THIS ONE and she loves it. I have stolen it from her as well on many occasions. 

    Keep in mind, though, that buying something like this is very subjective. So, be sure to know the return options. 
    This link is for the US but should be able to find shipping to the UK. 

    I have have a tv dinner table that I used for a long time, and took the legs off of and put on my lap. 

    There are many options out there, but the link it my recommendation. It has legs that have three positions....flat...half extended...full extended. It fits the 17 inchers cause I am using a 17 on it right now. It has a cup holder and build in mouse pad and all that .Although my kids did break off the light, so we removed most of those components. The fold up stand is solid enough, and it has a fan and other parts that are nice. 

    Hope this helped. 


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