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Alienware 17 new system BSOD problem !

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Alienware 17 new system BSOD problem !

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I have a 2 month old Alienware 17 system, since day 1 giving random BSOD errors. Same thing with windows 7, windows 8 and windows 8.1. Done so far: memtest, gpu stress test, all the F12 alienware hardware tests, scan disks and more that I can't remember of, all test gave no errors. Updated from factory bios A03 to A04 than today to A05. Update the mSATA firmware today. Checked all the drivers for updates. Not to mention that I am not installing the killer lan network adapter driver for obvious blue screen reasons ( the internet is full of complains about this hadrware + software  problem ). Just using wifi. I can't attach the dump files because of size limitations. Using skydrive instead:

This dumps are from the past 3 days since I did a clean windows 8 install. Any support would be great, just want to know if this can and will be fixed in future bios or whatever updates released or if it is a hardware problem. I purchased an 3.5K laptop and it is not what I have expected. What about OSD in windows 8?

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  • have you ran sfc /scannow  ?

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  • Hello, Scanning the disk from right click > properties and sfc /scannow work like a charm, no delays no errors. I had a problem when using chkdsk /r, it used to freeze at 27%, tried that also right now, everything went smooth, no delays, no errors. Seems like dell support for Alienware 17 is poor, there are may drivers issues. not to mention that the free fall sensor is not recognized by windows 8/8.1 even if the driver is downloaded from dell support using the service tag number and it's for windows 8. Killer Lan is UNUSABLE. OSD is not working. I think they are aware of the problem since they have released 2 bios updates in less than 3 days. Waiting for a reply from Dell Tech support.

  • Any other way to contact dell tech support except phone? I cant chat with them, cant e-mail them, keeps telling me that my service tag number does not have such support ! What's going on ?

    This attached picture contains bsod logs from last hours, I am running a fresh install of windows with only chipset and wifi drivers installed !

  • Spent 40 minutes describing my problem and thanking you for reply and when about to press submit I got BSOD.

    The system was purchased from US via phone order, I am in europe traveling since holidays are coming.