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Update windows 8 to 8.1 - Video/Graphic problems on Alienware 14 :

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Update windows 8 to 8.1 - Video/Graphic problems on Alienware 14 :

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Since the upgrade to Windows 8.1, the display of the Alienware is degraded.
it looks like VGA resolution  and not a full HD resolution. although the setting is set to 1920x1080.
Whether with the graphics card or Intel HD 4600 Nvidia GTX765 activated!

updating drivers *** from July 2013 does not solve the problem!
What would i do?

Thank you to find a solution.

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  • hmmmm, this is interesting. How is Windows 8 in-general otherwise? Is your machine an Aurora R4?

    I have a new Aurora R4 that came with Windows 7 Pro installed. I'm considering upgrading to Windows 8.1 Pro.

    I have NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 card.


  • My machine is an Alienware 14 notebook. ( 4700mq + 16Go RAM + intelHD 4600/Nvidia GTX765 + msata 256Go / intel 510 256Go) ...


    otherwise : make a save of your partition before trying it

  • Hi,

    I'm having similar problems with my X51 thats been upgraded from the 555 GPU to a 760. Latest BIOS and drivers

    I was using Win 8 with no problems, but since updating I have a watermark reading:  "Win 8.1 Pro Secure boot isn't configured correctly Build 9600"

    But the big problem is the screen resolution is all messed up. Games work fine, but Chrome, Windows etc is all wrong despite being on the correct settings. If I try to change the resolution the system restarts. 

    If anyone has a fix I would love to hear it, but i'm guessing we have to wait for a BIOS update?


  • it's not your Bios its the card not having a GOP bios call your card manufacture and ask for a video Bios update and it will work just fine after that i did this and all is well. 

  • Thanks Cruser12,

    Its an EVGA 760 1gig.

    Ill have a look on their website for a GOP BIOS update.

    Will everyone with an EVGA card have this problem? 

    Ill let you know how I get on, thanks.

  • No luck with the EVGA site, the latest BIOS update matches the one I already had:

    10-28-2013 Driver 331.65 Windows 8 64bit

    I installed it anyway but no change. this is also listed as a win 8 driver so I guess I wait for the 8.1

    a bit of googleing and it seems there are others having the same problem.

  • That is just a driver update.  You would need to install a new video card ROM software.  I think EVGA has these available for some of their NVIDIA cards, but maybe not all of them.

  • Thanks Don,

    Ive had a good look and the driver/BIOS I have seems to be the only one available. it supposedly supports win 8.1

    If anyone knows of a newer BIOS from EVGA please put up a link.

  • I saw a thread in their forums where people were asking for files to be sent to them.  It seemed like many were getting them sent directly from techs and not from a public download.

  • I'm very eager to try Win 8.1 Pro since I have a brand-new Aurora R4 machine with Win 7 Pro. However after seeing people seaking of issues I may wait until like December or January

  • Probably a good idea West,

    I've asked for help over on the EVGA forum, but I expect its a BIOS update from Dell thats needed.

  • One of these will probably work.  You can check the details of each download to match up your exact device ID.  Open NVIDIA Control Panel then choose System Info at bottom left -- scroll to bottom for your device ID.  You have to use nvflash to install to the video card and can first backup your existing ROM with nvflash also.


    Info on the process here:


    I used one from the techpowerup site and it works for UEFI boot and Secure Boot on my GTX 690.  A09 BIOS on my Aurora R4 works for all of this.  I had to upgrade from A07.

  • Thanks Don, That looks like a good potential fix

    But i'm not sure if I want to be getting this involved and potentially break my new GPU. Im hoping that if I wait for a Windows update or a new BIOS for my computer from Dell. the problem will be fixed.
    Or will there be a NVIDEA update to fix this soon?

    Actually, just noticed my current BIOS: version: 80.04.BF.00.62 is the same as the one on the Tech power up page.

  • thehillchild - You already have a very new ROM then from June of 2013.  It probably is already UEFI compliant.  The ROM I am using on my GTX 690 is 14 months older and works for UEFI and Secure Boot.

    You might be better off uninstalling the Windows drivers completely.  One of the guys from the NVIDIA forums that I linked to earlier has a utility to completely purge all traces of the NVIDIA drivers if necessary.  Then when you reinstall the drivers or let Windows Update install them it might work properly.

    Dell says your system is supported for Windows 8 and 8.1 with Command Center, so they should be able to step you through whatever needs to be done to resolve things.


  • any solution  we need support for this problem

    please release the update