alienware 14 overheating please HELP!!!!!

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alienware 14 overheating please HELP!!!!!

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I just got my new alienware 14 yesterday and I played some games on it bf3 skyrim mw2 on normal settings and the laptop overheats in about half an hour I puted the laptop on balanced battery performance and still it keeps SHUTTING DOWN RANDOMLY

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  • There are a few things you can try:

    -Update your drivers to the latest version



    -Are the fans spinning up properly/full speed?

    -Is there hot air comming out of the fan outlets?

    -This thing should be covered by your warranty, inform tech support about this issue.

  • Hi Fuzzy_q8,

    Where do you have this computer sitting when you are gaming? Our suggestion is for Alienware laptops to be sitting on a flat surface. Download the CPU HW Monitor to monitor the highest temps.

    Checkout this article on overheating issues.

    Also, for a better performance, we recommend the high performance profile under power settings.

    Let me know how everything goes.

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