Bought M18X-R2 computer in June '12:


9/12  Video cards overheating:  Tech to site to replace heat sinks and 3 fans

4/13  Hard Drive failure:  LOST ALL DATA, sent to TX, replaced hard drive and motherboard (#2) (computer returned without OS installed)

7/13  Sound Card failure:  tech to site, replaced motherboard (#3)

7/13  Lights on computer no longer functioning after motherboard replacement:  was told it was MLB connector, wanted to charge me $350 to fix until I fought it, sent to TX, replaced motherboard (#4) (computer returned with hard drives not recognized)

7/13  Hard drives not recognized:  LOST ALL DATA, Dell recommends system exchange, either a refurbished one or if one cannot be found, a new one


Thank God I bought extended warranty and on-site service.  I'm pushing to get a NEW system and not a refurbished one.  So unhappy about product, I'm sorry I even bought one...

Can anyone recommend anyway to relieve stress/ disappointment/ advice on next step I should take?