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Alienware M18X-R2 soap opera of problems....

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Alienware M18X-R2 soap opera of problems....

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Bought M18X-R2 computer in June '12:


9/12  Video cards overheating:  Tech to site to replace heat sinks and 3 fans

4/13  Hard Drive failure:  LOST ALL DATA, sent to TX, replaced hard drive and motherboard (#2) (computer returned without OS installed)

7/13  Sound Card failure:  tech to site, replaced motherboard (#3)

7/13  Lights on computer no longer functioning after motherboard replacement:  was told it was MLB connector, wanted to charge me $350 to fix until I fought it, sent to TX, replaced motherboard (#4) (computer returned with hard drives not recognized)

7/13  Hard drives not recognized:  LOST ALL DATA, Dell recommends system exchange, either a refurbished one or if one cannot be found, a new one


Thank God I bought extended warranty and on-site service.  I'm pushing to get a NEW system and not a refurbished one.  So unhappy about product, I'm sorry I even bought one...

Can anyone recommend anyway to relieve stress/ disappointment/ advice on next step I should take?


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  • You are not alone.

    Unfortunately I spent over $4000 AUD on my system about the same time. I am now out of warranty but I tell you not happy at all.

    Firstly, I was told by the rep when I discussed the purchase that it worked fine on battery as well as power....Being in IT I found that hard to believe but seriously, it is totally useless for anything but office use when on battery. Forget any games. So sucking up that (And wondering why I didn't just get a decent desktop PC since I was always plugged in at my desk when playing now) I wasn't entirely disappointed...that is until I went to update drivers.

    Firstly, why do Dell insist on lkeping Alienware drivers 6-12 months (And sometimes longer) out of date?

    NVidia drivers for the GTX 580M for a start were always at least 8 or 9 versions behind Nvidia themselves.

    Secondly, now that support for Windows 7 is all but gone when the *** will Windows 8.1 drivers come out? I have seen some windows 8 (but very few) and I dread to think when Windows 10 drivers will be coming out even though they should be developed now since preview and tech releases have been around for ages now.

    Finally, the worst of all I get continual reboots for no reason. Sometimes I can browsing, sometimes just opening control panel, sometimes in games. No BSOD and the only error is Kernel Poer issues because it drops out.

    I replaced the battery 3 days ago (and try finding one of those from Dell too!) and thought that fixed the issue. Nope worse than ever now. 

    There are much better gaming machines with much better support out there, for a much better price too. Far Far from impressed (And I used to work for Dell too!!!)

    I'm not even going to try and contact support as they are more useless than a screen door in a submarine.

    So in short.

    - Poor to non existent service and support

    - Flakey hardware/driver support that once you have a problem you are screwed

    - Extremely slow updates to drivers and operating system support

    I now have a $4000 doorstop. Awesome huh? Will never buy one of these supposed "Bleeding edge" gaming machines again.