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Alienware 17 - mSATA Port?

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Alienware 17 - mSATA Port?

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What is the location of the mSATA port on the new Alienware 17.  That is one of the only parts not listed in the manual.

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  • Hi linuxfan2002,

    Thanks for reaching out with your query. If you are referring to the new Alienware 17 R1, you will need to remove the below mentioned parts to reach the mSATA module. I believe it was not mentioned in the service manual as this is a technician replaceable unit.

    Remove the AC Adapter

    Remove the Big Door

    Remove the Battery

    Remove the Primary Hard Drive

    Remove the Secondary Hard Drive

    Remove the Optical Drive

    Remove the MXM Fan

    Remove the MXM Thermal Module

    Remove the CPU Fan

    Remove the CPU Thermal Module  

    Remove the Palmrest Assembly

    Good luck.

    Thanks and Regards
    Satya P
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  • Hello linuxfan,

    Check out my post in this forum, I added pictures:

    This is not easy and it's not considered a Costumer replaceable unit, so proceed at your own risk, if you are not tech savvy, take the computer to a shop or have someone help you.

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  • Does it void the warranty to do this?

    EDIT, I did see your tag, but you also mentioned this is not a consumer replaceable part, so it kind of conflicts...

  • I called dell beforehand and they stated that it would not void the warranty. Of course if you break something in the process - that is on you and not dell.

    I installed mine and it was not too bad. Just follow the directions to a T.

  • What did you use for thermal paste when you put everything back together?

    I'm not nervous about the job, I'm a tech by trade.  I was just concerned about the warranty.

    Nevermind, just watched this video, no need to remove the heatsinks:

  • Be extremely careful when reassembling the top cover (keyboard holder) because if you get the screws mixed up the screws will come right through the board and you will be very sad trust me!!!

    M17X for 4 1/2 years but just ordered the new 17, cant wait!!!