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Buying second hand laptop

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Buying second hand laptop

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I am looking to purchase an alienware laptop for my son, I have no idea what I should go for but think I have narrowed it down to alienware due to fact he just wants it for gaming. However not sure which model to go for my budget stretches to around £500 so was looking at m17 x r1 but also seems that coud also be looking at other model m14/ m11 but not really sure which is best? Any tips as to what to look for or what to avoid would be gratefully received. Thanks guys
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  • Hello Vicki90210!

    If you are looking for a gaming laptop the M17x R1 will be great it, pretty much all games will run perfectly however it’ s a little bit heavy.In the other hand if what you want is to use the laptop on the go, the M14x will be a good option since it will run very well in games, even though the screen  is not the huge. The M11x is out of the market already, however is the most portable system that we have.

    All of them are great gaming laptops so you will be able to play pretty  much any game with medium-high graphic performance.

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