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M17X R4 - keyboard touches screen. Solutions/cloth protectors?

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M17X R4 - keyboard touches screen. Solutions/cloth protectors?

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 I see from googling that I'm certainly not alone in having this issue of the keyboard very lightly touching the screen and leaving light marks (which up until now, wipe clean)

 I wanted to know how best to avoid this, by maybe getting a large thin lint free cloth etc? But where to get one large enough? As someone who recently had to change the keyboard, I can see why it happens that the keyboard touches the screen. They flex a fair bit and just don't sit flush at all. I tried my best to get my keyboard sitting as flat as possible, but as others will attest, they aren't actually stiff enough to sit completely flat.

 I checked and double checked mine - and in fact this replacement sits flatter than my old one did. But still there are feint marks that appear, which will no doubt become permanent over time. I don't want a screen protector as they never fit perfectly. I just want a nice thin cloth to lay over the keyboard. Has anyone here bought one in the U.K and can recommend one? I've seen a few on U.S sites, but the postage is very high and makes them very expensive. Thanks.

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  • Hi retrovertigo,

    Thank you for making the above observations. Request you to do this quick test to determine if the hinges are properly aligned.

    1. Cut a wide enough strip of paper

    2. Lay it on the M17x keyboard with one end sticking out on the left or right side

    3. Close the screen and try to pull/push the sheet out/in of the closed lid.

    If the paper cannot be slided in/out freely then the screen is touching your keyboard which indicate the hinges are improperly aligned. Once this is done do send me the system service tag via private message. I will check and let you know what can be done.

    To send a private message, click on my user name and select start conversation.

    Do reply with your observations.

    Thanks and Regards,
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  • Hi Retrovertigo,

    You mentioned that your keyboard was recently replaced, right? Could you try this article to see if the keyboard was installed properly?

    Please let me know how it goes.

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  • Hi Alexander

    Yeah I was extremely careful when installing the new keyboard. I have an electronics repair background, so while not claiming to be an expert by any means, I am confident I have done it correctly. I did have smudge marks appear with the original keyboard by the way :)

    @Kiran - sending you a PM.

    edit: just wanted to add what I had done to "fix" this. I bought a large fine denier lint free cloth that is the same size as the keyboard, and simply place it over it when the laptop is closed. This prevents any small marks or smudges. I also got the tiny rubber feet off an Xbox 360 console and placed them at the top right and left of the screen. This means that when you close the laptop up, the small rubber feet mean it raises the lid by 2 or 3 millimeters and stops the keyboard touching anyway. It works a treat for me :)

  • I got a custom size keyboard protector cloth cut from these guys:


    Works great, very nice quality. I kept finding a small vertical line in the upper left of the screen from one of the keyboard keys on my M17x R4, fortunately not scratched, but kept appearing when the lid was closed, I assume one of the keys was rubbing on the screen. Though interestingly my keyboard appears correctly seated and had never been unseated.

    This solved it quite well.

  • I have the same problem with my R2.  Nothing has been changed or modified since I received it new.  There are actual divots in the screen now.  Is it possible to get a replacement cover for the screen?  It looks like there is a plastic cover over the actual display.