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Alienware X51 Dual Monitor Setup

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Alienware X51 Dual Monitor Setup

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Just bought an X51 with Nvidia 640 card. On the back of the nvidia card, there're 3 connectors, DVI, HDMI and display port (not sure).

I have 2 monitors and here's my setup

nvidia HDMI -- HDMI 2 DVI cable -- DVI on display 1

nvidia DVI -- DVI 2 VGA cable -- VGA on display 2  (8 year old VGA analog monitor)

If only 1 is connected, boots fine, if only 2 is connected, boots fine. But when both are connected, only the DVI one will work on display 2, and in windows 8 Nvidia software does not see display 1 nor can it detect another display at all.


  1. How to set up my 2 monitors to both use the power from nvidia card, not the on board HD4000
  2. In a dual monitor setup, do I have to use 1 output from discrete card and 1 from on board HD4000?
  3. What I'm experiencing, is it because both connected on nvidia and display 1 needs digital signal while 2 needs analog signal, so nvidia can only work under one signal mode, either digital or analog but not output both at the same time?
Thanks very much.
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  • in BIOS, graphics is set is discrete, not IGFX.