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Master i/o board blue LED blinking

This question has been answered by A Victor D

hello, i have an alienware aurora R4 ALX and when i opened the door to have a look inside i see a blue LED blinking on the master i/o board, is that normal? 

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  • Miggy I can only suggest that its not an issue based on the Area-51 MIO. The LED number 3 flashes (blue) and it is located near the READ I/O part of the MIO. Just in case see these Posts on Diag testing:

  • Thanks Victor it helped, i reset the master I/O board with the jumper and so far the blue LED is off, i also have an alienware aurora R2  and i dont see no LED blue light or blinking, so im guessing its fix it's been a few hours, thanks.

    BTW one last help :P thous of you that have the ALX  do you guys have the blue LED or is off? thnx