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[X51] A10 BIOS Update Results

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[X51] A10 BIOS Update Results

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Let's discuss the new A10 BIOS for the X51. I'm sure there's lots of eager people who want to know what problems this fixes and I think it would be good for Dell/Alienware Engineers to be able to see what problems people were having/are having before and after the update. 

This isn't about complaining, or yelling at Dell Chris, or OMG iH8 Dell, etc, etc. Please just tell us what issues you had prior to A10, what you were running before, and what your experiences are with A10 now installed. 

I'm hoping by us helping give this info to Dell in an organized manner we can expedite the solutions to some of the issues I know a lot of us X51 owners are experiencing. 

It's an awesome machine and I love it to bits and I want it to perfect and I know Dell is working on resolving issues. Let's help em out. I'll start.


Previous BIOS: A07
Installation Method: From Factory
Issues: Windows 7: none that I recall! Windows 8 Pro 64-bit: Sleep/Wake issue.
Issue Detail: Attempting to put machine into sleep state but it never fully enters sleep mode. Side lights remain on. Unresponsive to keyboard/mouse events. Power button must be held for at least 3 seconds, then pushed again to wake machine from sleep. 


If there's any more information I can provide, I will be more than happy to tell you what I know! I hope other X51 owners can share their experiences with A10 so we can make the inevitable next BIOS update a real bug crusher! Smile


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  • Works just fine for me.

    Since a06 the only issue i've had was being unable to wake from sleep w/out holding the power button.

    I'm using win 8 pro 64bit.

  • Unfortunately the new update to the A10 BIOS and I have not solved the problem (computer still can't get to sleep) Crying

  • Working ok for me also, finally after being unable to download it.

    My only continuing gripe is that it keeps resetting my video from "integrated graphics" to "discrete graphics" so I can't see anything during boot until I move the HDMI cable to the nVidia card, switch the setting in the BIOS then swap the cable back.

    It's the only value that changes every BIOS update - please Dell, STOP DOING THIS!

  • Well, my experience is not so very sanguine. I upgraded from A06 to A10 and it now refuses to start. It gives one beep when started and then, before going through POST, it gives 5 beeps over and over again. It was immediate upon rebooting for the BIOS update and disconnecting/reconnecting the BIOS battery doesn't change anything. I really hope that I didn't just brick my computer.

  • I am in the UK and I had this problem. I can't vouch for tech support outside of the UK but the guy I had fixed this exact problem. Hold down power button for 30 seconds, remove video card and bracket, remove CMOS battery plug for two minutes and then hook everything back up in and see if that works. Had to change the boot options in the BIOS from legacy to UEFI or something, thereafter but it works now.

    Hope I didn't break anything while I was in there.

  • I had a similar problem and tried the steps suggested above by dishwasherwong (unplug the CMOS battery) that got me past my 5 beep issue, but now I'm getting a new error: "An operating system wasn't found. Try disconnecting any drives that don't contain an operating system."

  • I'm now working - I had forgotten to change the Boot option in the BIOS from Legacy to UEFI.

    thanks dishwasherwong!

  • Leaving the battery unplugged for three minutes didn't work but I left it unplugged for a little over a half hour and that worked. I wouldn't have suspected the BIOS being set back to legacy mode so thanks dishwasherwong for your post- probably saved me a few hours of Googling and noodling in the BIOS.

  • I'm having the same problem. I had bios A02 earlier and i decided to upgrade it to the latest A10. It asked me to first upgrade to either A05 or A06. So i upgraded to A06. i rebooted the system and it was all fine. Then i ran the setup for A10 and after installation it asked me to reboot. So i clicked on 'reboot now'. X51 shut down and then when it was the time to start it gave the usual one beep and then repeatedly gave five beeps in a row. The monitor does not receive any signal and the F2 or F12 keys are no use either because the X51 does not start up and all it does is give away loads of beeps (5+5+5.........). I contacted the technical support and they will be here in a day or two to see what can be done but it worries me if this trouble with the real time clock will affect the data on my hard drive. I can not afford to lose it. Does someone have an idea about the effect on hard drive of all this?

    Thanks for reading this:)

    Hope someone can help.

  • Hi OMERATA0316,

    Under normal circumstances, following the steps above will have absolutely no impact to the data on your hard drive.

    Slightly off-topic - If your data is that important, you should definitely back it up. I personally use Carbonite.com to back up all of my personal data (most importantly my pictures), but there are other services like Mozy.com that do essentially the same thing. I pay about $60/yr for Carbonite and it backs up everything. I think I probably have about 100GB backed up currently. In addition, I also use SkyDrive.com to save a copy of my documents and replicate them between all of my computers. 

    Good luck with fixing your 5 beep issue.


  • Thanks a lot for the answer, seajhawk:-). Now i feel alot better.

    As a matter of fact i do back up my data often but yesterday i was planning to back it up after doing some software upgrades( read - upgrade to bios A10 among others). But as fate would have it, things took an unexpected turn and here i am:)

  • Previous BIOS:  A07 (factor installed)
    Current BIOS:  A10

    New Issues:  F2/F12 no longer works on boot

    I'm waiting to upgrade my wife's machine until this is sorted out. 

  • Hi There,

    I did excatly the same as you and broke out into a sweat when hearing the 5 beeps after updating the BIOS.I had spoke to dell and they talked me though on what to do by removing the GPU and then unpluging the real time clock battery then pressing the power button for a minute,then pluging the battery back in an then putting everything back together.I had then turned the system back on and the beeps had gone,i did however have to go into the BIOS to change the boot mode from legacy so i would boot up.I have no issues with the HDD,hope this helps.

  • Another problem again, after updating the BIOS to A10, my wlan stopped working, great. Anyone knows how to fix this problem?

  • A response from Dell in this thread would be nice... some suggestions or an acknowledgement.

    I created this thread assuming someone from Dell reads it but I haven't heard anything... I'm going to have to update my review for this system. Sad.