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Weird clicking/scratch/ticking NOISE from my M17X R4

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Weird clicking/scratch/ticking NOISE from my M17X R4

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How do you do,

I am noticing this weird clicking noise from right front of my laptop.

Because of this noise, I just got my motherboard and HDD replaced from DELL warranty yesterday (since my laptop is only 1month old)
However, the problem did not disappear. It is a random sound coming anytime and especially when I plug in my USB flash drive, the sound comes.

It is really annoying since I just got this laptop and spent 2000box. I got a migraine headache because of this, Ive seen a doctor, got a precscibed medication for the migraine and insomnia. My life at work, relationship, exercise, everything is physically and mentally affected by this problem. I do not want to see my laptop or do anything with it even.

I really need DELL to replace this laptop with the new one.

I can understand the technition gotta come here once more and write a report, but I cannot see why that is necessary since he was here yesterday inspecting every part of my laptop and replacing the motherboard and HDD.

I have recorded clearly of this noise with a built in recorder and its in my file and I want to upload it but don't know how. If you can email me or give me any email address, I will forward this recording of noise.

In Googld or youtube, Ive been searching for a solution or at least why this noise is keep coming from my laptop(since DELL or Fujitsu technition does not have any clue where and why this sound is keep coming)

and as a conclusion of my search, I have found some Possible reasons;

1. HDD faulty(I got a new one replaced yesterday but the noise did not disappear so this one it not the problem here) - X

2. Fan - I know what the sound of fan of GPU and CPU are like, and if something is ticking from the fan, I will know for sure and the sound is coming from right front side not at the back. Also when I ran the test at BIOS setup(testing all the drivers and hardwares working properly), when the fan started running/testing there was no sound then. - X(but possible since I could be wrong)

3. The computer(don't know exactly which part) making the HDD make the noise. I got this from one of the forum someone uploaded this article saying some alienware m17x R4 is making the HDD to make some noise ocassionally and this cannot be fixed and only has to be replaced with new laptop - O(this is what I think is happening to my laptop)


I want this laptop to be replaced asap like within a week. I ve been calling dell everyday(been waiting weeks for technition to turn up since they delay for few days)I got so many things affected by this such as leave from my work, stress and what I mentioned above.

SO,,, I just want to get a new laptop, replacing the current one and get everything over with ASAP


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  • Is it a constant ticking/clicking noise or does it make the noise just once every minute or so?

    Could it be coming from the Optical/DVD Drive?

    When it makes the noise put your ear above the area where the Optical Drive sits underneath the keyboard and see if that is where the noise is coming from.

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  • yes, it is contant but occasionally.... it is coming from the optical drive, some people says its normal but as you know someone who got this laptop (m17x) did not had that noise.... I am sure its for those with faulty ones

  • Would it happen to sound like this?:

    My M17x R4 has made that noise since day one but hasn't been a problem in terms of performance or stability. I assumed it was normal. The sound in the video is not constant it happens occasionally. All diagnostics test passed so im confident that M17x R4 isn't faulty.