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Got my x51 just a few weeks ago, and there is a program called Asav which is a qualcomm atheros app included, but no info on the app how to use it or anything. i could find no way to update it either. My partner explianed it a bit, so I attempted to set it to work. I can select World of warcraft on the check boxes for app for it to work with, but it doesn't save the setting, Also if I try to add anything as an app i get a com error, that loops.

Can someone please explain how it works, or how to fix the comm error, as its very frustrating?

I want get every bit of performance out of my gaming setup.

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  • No one knows anything about this program and how to use it.. theres no documentation i can find anywhere.

  • Feileacan,

    I cannot find any Dell documentation on Asav. I will keep looking.

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